Wednesday, 29 August 2007

New Study: US is 100% Ready to Strike Iran- Ramps up Provocations & Rhetoric.
There's always been US plans to attack any number of countries. The critical issue here is that the US has forces ready to do battle within days, if not, hours. In recent months the rhetoric verse Iran has been ramped up a significant degree.

It is important to note that the US is falsely accusing Iran of producing anti-tank mines that are being employed in Iraq. All the leading US newspapers are running with the story of how the Iranians are killing US troops. According to certain US Administration officials, the "evidence" is cause enough for them to launch military operations verses the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, who they see as responsible for the explosives. Of course there is no evidence of Iranian involvement and it is likely the mines are being produced in country. In past sweeps the US military has uncovered hidden bomb factories inside Iraq that have been producing the very explosive devices that they claim Iran must be delivering.

And now we have further US provocation as American Soldiers have recently arrested a group of Iranian delegates in Iraq after they were invited into that country by the Iraqi government.

The US leaders are lying Warmongers. Don't listen to the propaganda. Write your papers, say NO to more war !

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