Saturday, 30 June 2007

911: Witnesses to Secondary Explosions (Bombs).

Lots and lots of very big secondary explosions.
Low in the buildings...
Some in the basement levels... far away from the damaged areas.

Also many witnesses heard a massive explosion, then looked up to see the towers collapse. The loud explosions must have occurred first, before the collapse, as it takes time for sound to travel.
Together with the evidence of Thermate explosives detected in the WTC dust and Steel, one can say that there were bombs in the buildings - proof that 911 Must have been an inside job.

Friday, 29 June 2007

Israelis preparing for War because Syrians are preparing for an Attack by Israel
This is scattered.
The story here says Israel is preparing for a War this (northern) summer because it expects attacks from its neighbours and accuses them of arming themselves for these attacks.
This is disgraceful joke. The Syrians are arming themselves after what they saw happen in Lebanon. They have no reason to attack or invade Israeli territory- they are not that stupid. It seems the Israelis are inviting further conflict on their borders. They are talking it up. Perhaps the Israelis wish to bomb the crap out of Syria just as they did Lebanon ?

Lybian to get Appeal for 1988 Lockerbie PAN AM Bombing.
This is good news - the Lybians had nothing to do with the Lockerbie bombing in which more than 270 were killed.
In this particular case it seems that the Syrians and Iranians were behind it. (This is not breaking news either, as they had long been suspected by critics of the official investigation.) At the time of the bombing this connection was covered up by Western officials for political reasons and the Lybians were framed for the crime. Now, by genuine co-incidence, just as there is a propaganda move against Iran and Syria by the Americans and the Israelis, we have the truth finally surfacing about this incident.

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

US Housing Debt Crisis set to Worsen into wider Stock Market.
A possible acceleration and expansion of the US Housing crisis on the cards. It seems the big Banks will be taking a hit thanks to overzealous lending. The overall market now seems set to go down even further in the short term as the bank stocks will be rated as overvalued. The US economy is not in good shape from many perspectives. A US recession will impact on all the markets - watch out !

The Neo Con Agenda. Why there is a War in Iraq.

The Neocons have always sought to invade Iraq. They Lied about the WMDs and the threat of Saddam from the get go ... This clip shows the background to the US officials who wanted to attack Iraq.

Note: This shows motive behind staging the 911 False Flag attacks. Furthermore, keep in mind that it is likely that some members the US military would have supported any Neocon drive to launch such a false flag operation. It is a FACT that during the 1960's ALL the Joint Chiefs of Staff signed off on launching similar false flag attacks (see OPERATION NORTHWOODS) but were stopped by the US political leadership. In 2001 the physical evidence (see sidebar to this page) indicates that an operation of this sort was allowed to go ahead. The USA needs to be rounding up a few Neo Cons and holding them as enemy combatants until they can be put on trial.

The Coup Against Hamas. Why the Palestinians are Killing Each Other.

Hamas is actually the democratically elected government of the Palestinians.

The fact that they are now fighting among themselves is a sad result of US and Israeli backing of Fatah in an attempt to undermine Hamas' control. What we are now witnessing is a grab for power (by Fatah) and the repercussions with Hamas stopping this action- at least in Gaza. It is disgraceful that the Palestinian leaders cannot see what is going on- that they are being played off against each other in order to prevent them forming a united political front.

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Financial Institution Warns of Economic "Depression" Danger.

"Virtually nobody foresaw the Great Depression of the 1930s, or the crises which affected Japan and southeast Asia in the early and late 1990s. In fact, each downturn was preceded by a period of non-inflationary growth exuberant enough to lead many commentators to suggest that a 'new era' had arrived", said the bank.

Monday, 25 June 2007

911 Truth: Ending the Debate with a Simple Argument.

The trouble with most debates dealing with 911 Truth is that those engaged in such arguments attempt to address a multitude of issues without keeping focussed on the core scientific evidence that PROVES 911 must have been an Inside Job. Although many details concerning HOW 911 was achieved remain unresolved one must always remember the that there are a few undeniable facts which PROVE 911 could only have been an Inside Job.

The best argument is based on the clear evidence of the Molten Steel found at 911Ground Zero- the World Trade Centre site. The presence of such large amounts of Molten Steel is critically important since the building fires were not nearly hot enough to cause even a fraction of this melting. Official reports indicate that, at most, the fire intensity could only have slightly weakened, not melted, this steel. Therefore, the first course of action is to fully establish whether there was, in fact, tons of melted steel in the rubble pile at 911 Ground Zero. The second course of action is then to deduce how this melted steel could have come into existence.

Question: Was there tons of Melted Steel found under the 3 World Trade Buildings that completely collapsed on that terrible day ?


Answer: Yes. We have loads of witnesses describing masses of molten & melted steel. We also have photos of orange/yellow steel being removed from the rubble pile. Molten Steel at 911 Ground Zero is proven. The real question is what could have cause this phenomena ?

There are only a few possibilities.
1. The rubble pile took on the properties of a Blast Furnace at three separate building sites.
2. Friction caused by the building collapses heated the metal.
3. The fires in the upper floors resulted in the melting.
4. High temperature Explosives were used to cut the steel.

*Without question the rubble piles did not resemble, in any way, a Blast Furnace.
*Friction generated from the building collapse is inadequate.
*The building fires on the upper floors were much too weak (according to all commentators including the official reports).
*The only other explanation we have is that explosives MUST have been used.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however unlikely, must be the Truth."

Furthermore there is strong supporting evidence showing explosive use.
1. Professor Steven Jones, formerly of Brigham Young University has conducted testing on the Steel and metal found in the 911 dust which clearly shows the chemical signature of Thermate- a High Temperature Explosive. Official investigations neglected to conduct these tests.
2. Additionally MANY witnesses (including firefighters) felt and reported large explosions occurring in the lower floors of the World Trade Centre Buildings as they were evacuated (including inside the undamaged WTC 7).
3. The fact that the lighter upper floors of the WTC Towers fell through the heavier lower structures and encountered resistance comparable to an object falling through air as opposed to floors falling through undamaged steel and concrete -such minimal resistance would only be possible if the lower floors were rapidly removed (explosively) in advance of the free-falling mass.
4. The very fact that WTC 7, a 47 storey, steel framed building, that was not hit by an aeroplane and had only minimal fires, collapsed at all. This building also collapsed at a free fall rate and exhibited all the characteristics of a typical controlled demolition.

To rig buildings for controlled demolition takes time and requires complete access to the targeted buildings. This is something that Bin Laden’s men could not have achieved. Therefore it must be true that at least part of 911 was an Inside Job (perhaps all of it) - carried out by those who had access to the buildings.

Recently a new 911 Truth site was set up by BUILDING EXPERTS: Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. This group completely supports the findings of Professor Jones and other 911 Truth Observers.

The Damning evidence is in- all that remains is for strong action to be taken to get the mainstream media and the judiciary to initiate a proper criminal investigation that will bring to justice the real criminals and End the War on Terror. Perhaps they may start by rounding up 911 suspects as unlawful enemy combatants and hold them indefinitely as a case for mass murder and treason is established.

Please use the argument put forward in this essay to advance calls for a reappraisal of the 911 attacks by mainstream doubters. Action needs to be taken to stop another, probably worse, 911 horror that will used as justification for further attacks against other oil rich Middle Eastern countries.

All my Best,
J. S. Nielsen.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

"Mile-Wide UFO" Observed in UK Skies.
Multiple Independent Witnesses observe unusual airborne object/phenomena in UK skies.
Very Interesting. It could be anything, but it seems, from the report, that the object/phenomena is most likely real/solid and not a mirage (although, even if it was a mirage it would still be worthy of scientific investigation.)
-- If one were an unbiased scientist, one should take a serious second look into this event.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Dick Cheney- Above the Law
Amazing. The US Vice President declares he is effectively above any oversight. Hopefully he's gonna get busted big time. The criminal trial of Dick Cheney: coming soon.
Check out the comments following under the article.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

US Housing Crisis to Worsen. Economic Downturn Likely.
Bloomberg financial news reports that the US Housing Market decline is set to continue and may soon drag down the US economy and stockmarket. A recession in the US will slow down growth worldwide. Watchout for a stockmarket correction in the coming months.
(If the US attacks Iran and/or we have another False Flag 911 we'll see similar results.)

911 Propaganda: US University Claims Twin Towers Collapsed Due to Aircraft and Fires.
This article from George Washington's Blog destroys the claim made by Purdue University- that there is good science to show the aircraft Impacts and Fires brought down the twin Towers.
Here we see the Purdue claims revealed as unfounded pseudo-scientific propaganda.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Chinese Style Internet Censorship for the West - Let's Hope not !!
Yikes !! Talk about a Big Brother state.

We already have disgraceful censorship of news thanks to the corporate run mainstream media. I ask, where do we find information on WORLD CHANGING stories dealing with Depleted Uranium weapons contamination, the deliberate nature of the Iraq War Intelligence Lies, the obvious Vote Fraud that was conducted in the 2004 US Elections allowing Bush to win again, the suppression of debate surrounding the evidence of 911 being an inside job etc etc ?

We the people, NEED the freedoms of the internet to get real information, else we all face a life of regulated propaganda fed to us by the rich elitists who control (or at least strongly influence) our governments. Let's not end up as brainwashed slaves fighting wars to further the ambitions of a callous few.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

The Day After the Attack on Iran.
Yes, those war-mongering neocons really do want a War with Iran at all costs. Peace overtures are just Machiavellian posturing.

This long article at CounterPunch hits the nail on the head.
The Democrats are too weak and corrupt to launch Impeachment proceedings vs. the criminal activities of the White House. The only hope is if individual US Lawyers, Law Enforcement and State Legislatures initiate their own criminal cases based on the available prima facie evidence that already exists in the public domain.

Monday, 18 June 2007

100 PROFESSORS Question 911 Commission Report
It is curious that so many very well educated people should "believe" that there is more to 911 than stated in the official report. Obviously they have looked and understood the evidence- something critics of the 911 truth movement fail to do.
(check out the links provided at this site summarising the scientific evidence showing 911 MUST have been an inside job.)

Lying about Iran in order to start Another War
Anti has a whole host of great writers.
Without doubt the talk about Iran's threat to the West is a lie. The stuff you read in the mainstream media are lies and distortions. Our Mainstream media, is hopeless. They have, through gross negligence & blind arrogance (I am being generous here), allowed the criminals* to get away with murder. If Bloggers and the alternative media can point out the lies and demand accountability then what is wrong with our highly paid and well resourced mainstream journalists ?
Just as the evidence for Iraq's WMDs was a DELIBERATE LIE, so too are the claims made about Iran- they are fabrications. Our mainstream media continues to be complicit in the crimes, so long as they keep printing the lies without identifying them as such.

*The chief criminals are those US (and UK) officials who are deliberately lying about the threats - the same ones who told us about WMDs. We really need to see these folks brought to account.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

World Debt-Based Economy in Peril.

A possible economic crisis just around the corner ?
Although this article is from the Washington Post (a hive of establishment propagandists) the argument here seems quite reasonable.

Bad debt or lending has caused heaps of recent economic downturns. The 1990s Asian economic crisis came about through bad lending, the Dot Com bubble was based on bad lending to companies that didn't really produce anything, the Housing Bubble in the US stems from bad loans to people who can't afford to pay them back etc etc. All these things are based on overly optimistic projections and an environment where money is literally thrown at these overly optimistic projections.
Human psychology at work. Folks get excited about things and they go too far without thinking. Inevitably the situation gets over extended and then fear strikes as investors realise the sitution is not reasonable. People sell & institutions no long accept the hype that inflated the prices or stock values. Money is taken out and put somewhere else and prices then go down. Companies involved in the hype may fold. The bigger the bubble the bigger the "crash".
This time World Stock Markets are in danger as there is a HEAP of leveraged money out there. Big players playing dangerous games with lots of loaned money. If they loose, then they pay big time & so do we. Just read the article !!

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Wonders of Titan.

Good stuff from NASA. Shows geology of Saturn's Moon Titan and its liquid Hydrocarbon system. Extremely cold and interesting.

New UK Submarine launched.

totally cool boat... like a spaceship, but under water !!!!

Ron Paul- US Presidential Candidate (censored in Media). Very important story.

8 minute clip. cool music.
It is a promotional clip but it nevertheless contains accurate information about the candidate and his message. It's good, please check it out.

You see, the US mainstream media is trying to censor this guy because his message is vastly different to all the other contenders and he is a threat to the establishment. Even though Ron Paul is the most popular Candidate in the Republican Party Debates I'm sure most of you have never hear of him.

The main thing is that he is the best chance for fixing up the USA. The US does not have to be the bad guy anymore. I got high hopes for this bloke- and so do heaps of Americans who have voted him the best speaker in the recent TV debates. Unfortunately the commentators barely mention him !! They only talk about the corrupt ones like John McCain and Rudy Giuliani (yes, they are very ethically challenged.) The polls show Ron Paul as the frontrunner, yet articles you might have read in The Age or the Herald Sun will not even mention the guy. Articles from the New York Times and Washington Post, the "best" US papers, do not even mention him. No kiddding ....


I think the messages in the clip here are somewhat inspirational. Hope you enjoy it !!
I dunno how long Ron Paul will last until he get's sidelined...

Good Luck to him !!!!!!!