Saturday, 23 March 2019

Who's Really Responsible for the Christchurch Terrorist Attack on a Mosque? (SyrianGirl)

Also interesting and perhaps a matter for another video.
The shooter visited Israel (along with many other countries).
And there was a drill running at the same time of the attack.

Syrian Girl (Mimi al-Laham) pointing out the gross hypocrisy surrounding what happened in New Zealand - where Western politicians and media are actually supporting terrorist forces in Syria, Libya and elsewhere, forces that contributed to mass migration and the radicalisation of Muslims. Now everyone is massively (and understandably) concerned about this backlash yet the same people showed little concern for the actions that led to this situation arising (concerns were downplayed, about illegal wars, extremist ideology, mass migration etc).

Mimi points to the media's key role in what has happened - with them promoting war in the Middle East, then lamenting the plight of the refugees created by the wars they promoted, and then highlighting (in the Murdoch Press) the problems of conservative and radicalised Muslim integration within open secular societies. Online are more extreme vilifications and incendiary rhetoric, coming from all quarters that fuels this clash of cultures, especially in relation to events in Europe.  

Western Government policies have set up a situation where people from all sides want to 'take revenge' for what has happened - and they have done so, and will continue to do so. The underlying real world problems are not being addressed.

Best comment at YouTube:

Well said. So many politicians pretending to care are going to sleep at night knowing fine well they are involved in much worse.

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