Wednesday, 27 February 2019

An Entire Class of Agricultural Pesticides Found to Damage the Brains of Children… IQ Scores Falling Nationwide

If you’ve ever suspected that people are getting dumber by the day, new research has just proven humans really aren’t as smart as they used to be. Studies show that the average IQ score has been falling with every generation born after 1975 — and now, scientists believe that at least one pesticide may be to blame for the sudden drop in intellect — if not more.

Countless studies have linked pesticide exposure to an array of health problems in humans, but scientists are now beginning to identify organophosphates, a class of pesticides, as a particularly malicious threat. Among the myriad of ill effects caused by exposure to organophosphates, evidence shows these compounds are fully capable of damaging children’s brains.

And of course, these kinds of pesticides are used with abandon. Organophosphates are so dangerous that top researchers are now calling for a total ban on these toxins, due to their potential to harm children.

Pesticides linked to brain damage, low IQ

As Waking Times reports, many studies have linked Chlorpyrifos, an organophospate, to brain damage in children. Dow Chemical Company first started making Chlorpyrifos in 1965.

Like other organophosphates, Chlorpyrifos targets the central nervous system by suppressing acetyl cholinesterase, an enzyme essential to neurotransmission. While these chemicals are intended to kill bugs, research has consistently shown organophosphates are toxic to humans. Children are particularly susceptible to the effects of organophosphates like Chlorpyrifos — especially while they’re still in utero.

The problem with relatively subtle impacts to people's health is that it takes time to recognise them.

People who don't think there are problems with our systems of authority (institutions) and/or are not good at recognising subtleties will have a hard time accepting the truth about what is happening here.

The basic logic behind the harm is if the chemicals that impact insects can impact humans then one would expect children and unborn babies to be most at risk. The other line of logic here is the acceptance of a level of corruption and cover-ups from big corporations and the scientists who work for them. The reason this has remained unaddressed is the impacts do not involve people dropping like flies. Mild brain damage is something that can be covered-up to a degree.  

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