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Bolton: We're Taking Venezuela's Oil (Liberty Report)

Yesterday, Trump's National Security Advisor John Bolton made the US position clear in a FoxNews interview: Washington will overthrow the Venezuelan government and take its oil for the benefit of US companies. This is "regime change" on steroids!

Shameless, twisted neocon war monger!


'Troika of Tyranny': US hawks take aim at Venezuela's president Maduro

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is going to teach Venezuela all about democracy

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Goodman goes through the actual indictment where we see that there are no charges/evidence of any collusion against Stone and that it assumes there was collusion at some point on material provided by a company paid for by the DNC which was not independently checked by the FBI. Goodman writes that the collusion claim is like having the attorney for a bank robber provide all the evidence to the court and then declaring their client didn't steal from any banks. There is actual evidence that refutes the DNC claims that their emails were hacked (as opposed to being simply copied and sent to Wikileaks by a disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter - namely Seth Rich, who was subsequently murdered).

On the other side of the coin, in the case of Hillary's classified emails, we know she lied under oath about them (and about the Benghazi incident when she was Secretary of State), and that she broke the law by sending highly classified material on an open server, and yet there are NO charges. The corruption inherent by those running the system, by the heads of various agencies and their minions, is blatantly obvious. The whole Russian collusion thing is to get at Trump's move to become friendly with Russia, and to hide the crimes of HRC and others within the establishment.

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Truth Teller's Radio Episode 23: JM Talboo Interviews Gerald Pechenuk, LaRouche Political Action Committee - Russian Collusion/Hacking HOAX! Roger Stone DID NOTHING WRONG!

Truth Teller's Radio Episode 23: JM Talboo Interviews Gerald Pechenuk, LaRouche Political Action Committee - Russian Collusion/Hacking HOAX! Roger Stone DID NOTHING WRONG!

Show Notes/More Info:

Live with Ray McGovern Veterna CIA officer and Gerald Pechenuk:

Who is Lyndon LaRouche?:

It's been thirty years since the travesty of LaRouche's unjust jailing, and now's the time for LaRouche's exoneration. Thank you for supporting our call for President Trump to exonerate LaRouche. Click on the link here to sign and then share it. Sign here:

Press Release–New Dossier: The British were the 2016 Election Meddlers and are Directing a Coup Against President Trump:

British Puppeteers In Coup Against Trump Exposed


The Integrity Initiative And The British Roots Of The Deep State:

Why the British Hate LaRouche and Trump:

Why Do We Need Nation-States? Instrument of War, or Peace?:

Globalism, not Russia, is the Real Enemy of the United States:

100% Proof! Russian Collusion was a Hoax Designed to Impeach Trump and Divert Attention from Internal Email Leak & Clinton Criminal Activities:

Mueller Arrests Roger Stone on Process Crimes. Still No Trump-Russia Collusion to be Found:

JFK Files: Foreknowledge Warning to Media, 2nd Shooter Evidence, CIA Plan to Bomb US Cities:

JM Talboo & John Hughes - Baywatch, Seth Rich vs Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theories, Comey the Clown, Death of Neocons/Neolibs, Socialized vs Free Market Medical Care, Kek...

STFU Up Tom Arnold! Roseanne Isn't Racist, Your Buddy Arnold Schwarzenegger Is. Pizzagate Hasn't Been Debunked and There's An Intellectual Case for Conspiracism:

The Saudis and 9/11: The Truth and Nothing But the Truth Now!:

Aggressive Deception of the American People Concerning 9/11:

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D. NY) admits to 9/11 coverup by then FBI Director Robert Mueller when confronted at a town hall meeting with her constituency in NYC 8/8/2018...

Illuminati Exposed - LaRouche Exposes 911, Obama, Cheney, The Queen, WW3:

Trump Economy Archive:

Hillary Clinton Did NOT Win Popular Vote... She Stole It - Electoral College Should NOT Be Abolished:

Donald Trump a Racist?:

Donald Trump Time Travel Theory- Tesla, Barron Trump, Mike Pence and Meme Magic:

China: Staking Claim in the New World Order:

Revenge: Was the Iraq War started by the Bush family's personal vendetta against Saddam?:
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Why they hate PewDiePie - Paul Joseph Watson

The absolute state of the mainstream media right now.

This video is about the recent mass sacking of pseudo alternative/mainstream journalists and how they are crying about the situation juxtaposed to their hypocrisy when they called for the deplatforming, sacking and harassment of independent online journalists. I have no sympathy for these stooges who have been ignoring important stories - issues dealing with proxy war crimes, vote fraud, false flag terror, financial fraud etc - while they distract the public with a plethora of divisive identity politics (and left/right) framed stories that almost completely ignore high crimes in which people are actually being killed (in the thousands). It is one thing to call for a measure of social justice, opportunity to do what you want within one's ability, but to largely ignore or grossly misrepresent all these other things is a disgrace. 

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Rancher Who Invited Pelosi to the Border to See Influx of Illegal Aliens, Drugs Take Message to Fox News

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First,” rancher and Breitbart contributor Chris Burgard took his plea for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to visit his and others ranches on the U.S.-Mexico in Arizona to get a firsthand account of the threats coming from the south and the effectiveness of a wall versus a fence.

Burgard explained the situation, which initially involved heavy illegal alien and drug trafficking.

“Four-and-a-half years ago, she did not take us up on our invitation, and if she would she would have seen how bad things are,” Burgard said. “My buddy John, conservatively at the time, had 2 million illegal aliens come through his ranch. In two years, 53 truckloads of dope making it through there.”

Burgard credited improvements to the fence on his ranch and coordination with local sheriff’s departments for the decrease in drug trafficking and Pelosi would see the results.

“What these ranchers live with every day is beyond comprehension of most humans,” he said. “I mean, can you imagine 2 million strangers coming across your ranch? Try running a ranch operation when the trucks carrying the dope are breaking fences. Your cows are getting out, how do you run a breeding program when you can’t keep your bulls and heifers separated? And everything that hits him then goes on to the cities.

The Arizona rancher criticized Pelosi for not taking Department of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen’s information more seriously because if she had, it could make a difference.

“You know, it is so disheartening when the Speaker of the House doesn’t believe DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen,” Burgard said. “She doesn’t believe her DHS facts. Well, right now it is a fact more people are dying in the United States from heroin and opioid overdoses than car accidents. Well, this is where it is coming from. If you stop it at the border, you will save lives in the rest of America, and it is just something that needs to be acknowledged, and you need to do something.”

Burgard insisted the initial offer made to Pelosi is still on the table.

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Thousands of Non-Citizens MAY Have Voted in Texas Elections

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Coldest Day On Record (Tony Heller)

Tomorrow is likely to be the coldest day on record in parts of the Midwest. This is making climate alarmists exceptionally desperate with their propaganda.

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Project Blue Book, J. Allen Hynek, and UFOs. UFOs the Big Picture. Dec. 8, 2018

Important history about the military industrial complex.

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The Exceptional Nation Asserts Its Exceptionalism - Paul Craig Roberts

Washington has chosen a president for Venezuela. I wonder if Trump saw the black humor in doing to Maduro what the Democrats and presstitutes are doing to him.

Few Latin American governments have ever had a government that represents the majority indigenous people or a president who was not of Spanish descent. Chavez in Venezuela perhaps was the longest lasting indigenous leader. His successor Maduro is also indigenous.

Indigenous Latin American leaders are unacceptable to Washington, because they tend to be reformers who represent their country’s people instead of American business and financial interests. Consequently, when a Latin electorate elects a leader who will put them first, Washington overthrows the leader. This is the history of US/Latin American relations.

In the 21st century alone Washington has overthrown the elected presidents of Honduras, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela and overturned the independence of Ecuador that had provided asylum protection for Julian Assange. Washington’s coup with the Spanish elite against Chavez in Venezuela initially succeeded. Chavez was in captivity, but before he could be murdered the Venezuelan people and military forced his release.
Chavez, either because he lacked the power to move against the traitorous Spanish elite or because he chose to display magnanimity, did not hold those responsible who participated in the coup against his life and Venezuelan sovereignty. Washington’s agents, the Spanish elite, were not arrested and retained their control over the media and the economy. Venezuela has substantial oil revenues, but they do not reach the government’s budget or protect the value of the currency. I do not know who controls the Venezuelan oil, but it appears the revenues are being stolen. As it seems unlikely the Spanish elites would permit the indigenous people to control the oil business, possibly the oil revenues are what funds, along with Washington, the anti-Maduro opposition. If the Maduro government is stealing the revenues, then the government is committing suicide.

Consequently, Washington and its Venezuelan vassals have had a free hand against Maduro. The whores who comprise the Western media have served Washington’s demonization of Maduro, an elected president that Washington calls a dictator. In the election that re-elected Maduro, Washington instructed the traditional Venezuelan oligarchy to boycott the election. That allowed Washington to claim that Maduro was not legitimately elected.

Of course, if there had been any chance of Washington and its Spanish vassals winning the election, they most certainly would not have boycotted it. But the whores who constitute the American media have no integrity and thereby no problem in overlooking the fact that Venezuelans prefer Maduro to Washington’s Spanish vassals.

Washington using sanctions and economic punishments has been trying for years to destabilize Venezuela in order to bring down the government and install Washington’s agent as president. This policy has cruelly punished the Venezuelan people, but nevertheless they have clung to their indigenous leadership. The other day Washington organized a military coup, but few participated and it was easily put down.

Defeated on these fronts, Washington had Trump and Pence declare that Maduro was not the president of Venezuela and that Washington recognized its agent in the legislature as president. Pence called for the newly annointed president to overthrow the Maduro government and threatened Maduro with invasion if he acted against Washington’s designated president.

Maduro’s response, a numbrer of years late, was to order all US diplomats out of Venezuela. Washington replied that as Washington does not recognize Maduro’s government as legitimate, Maduro lacks the authority to throw them out. The US diplomats will remain and continue the conspiracy against Maduro.

Here we have a situation in which Washington, not the Venezuelan people, has chosen the president of Venezuela and refuses to accept the Venezuelan government’s break of diplomatic relations.
As I write, indications are that Washington’s vassals in Canada and Europe are also withdrawing recognition from the legally elected government of Venezuela, conferring recognition instead on the unelected agent of American business and financial interests selected by Washington.

What does this say about the West? The West regards itself as the home of integrity, human rights, democracy, truth, and goodness. But in fact the West is committed to supporting Washington’s suppression of Venezuelan self-determination.

What Washington is doing to Venezuela is a good lesson for the gullible Russian Atlanticist Integrationists and the gullible pro-western Chinese youth. As China’s Global Times put it: “For a long time, the US has been eager to replace international law with its geopolitical interests and values so as to legalize its interference” and hegemony over the world.

Putin expressed his support for the legitimacy of Maduro’s government and said that the Venezuelan internal political crisis was “provoked from outside the country.”

Will Washington announce tomorrow that the US has decided that Alexei Navalny, not Vladimir Putin, is president of Russia? Will Washington announce that the US no longer considers Xi Jinping to be China’s president, as his one party regime makes him illegitimate, and has replaced him with Tsai Lng-Wen?

How long will other powers tolerate Washington’s illegality and aggression?

How long will Americans tolerate the shame that Washington heaps upon their shoulders?

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Syrian, Iraqi War Report – Jan. 28, 2019: Kurdish Leadership At Crossroads Between Turkey And Assad

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Tom Fitton on Roger Stone Indictment: 'Not One Piece of Evidence' of Trump/Russia Collusion

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on "Breitbart News Daily" (SiriusXM Patriot 125) with host Alex Marlow to discuss the latest developments with the Roget Stone indictment by the Mueller special counsel investigation.

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AfD leader Bundestag speech on Yellow Vests, the war on diesel +UN Global Compact, English subtitles

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Social Justice vs Islamic Values in British Schools (Sargon)

The SJWs will win.

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Japan Data Scandal: Tokyo Admits 40% Of Its Economic Data Is "Fake News"

When it comes to the biggest monetary experiment in modern history, namely Japan's QE which has seen the BOJ buy enough Japanese bonds to match the GDP of Japan, there is nothing more important than the BOJ having accurate metrics to determine if its "inflation targeting" is working, i.e., if wages and broader inflation are rising. Alas, the recent news that Japan's labor ministry published erroneous statistics for years, has raised doubt about not only the accuracy of economic analysis released by the Bank of Japan, but prompted investors to doubt absolutely every economic report published by Tokyo.

For those who are unfamiliar with the latest economic fake news scandal, on Wednesday Japan's labor ministry revised its monthly labor survey for the period between 2012 and 2018 admitting it had overstated nominal year-on-year wage increases by as much as 0.7 percentage point between January and November of last year, to take just one example.

Unfortunately, there are many other examples, and according to an Internal Affairs Ministry report released late Thursday, nearly half of Japan’s key economic government statistics need to be reviewed with 22 discrete statistics, or roughly 40% of the 56 key government economic releases, turning out to be "fake news" and in need to be corrected.

This is a major problem for Kuroda and the Bank of Japan which uses statistics from the labor ministry to compile two key pieces of economic data, in making its ongoing decisions whether to continue, taper or expand QE.

One, according to Nikkei, is the quarterly output gap which compares the nation's supply capacity with total demand. Supply capacity is derived from elements such as labor and capital spending. Data from the labor ministry survey, such as the number of hours logged by the workforce, is used to compute the output gap.

Japan's output gap has climbed further and further into positive territory. That has partially informed the BOJ's judgement that "Japan's economy is expanding moderately." The gap is also considered a leading indicator for inflation. A sustained positive reading could lead companies to raise prices and lift wages.

Meanwhile, even as Japan's consumer price index that excludes fresh foods continues to print below 1%, the BOJ has been stubbornly saying that prices are maintaining momentum toward its 2% inflation target, with the conclusion based in part on the output gap.

In retrospect, it now appears that the BOJ may have been "mistaken" and since the underlying data was erroneous for all the years during which Japan's QE was running, the BOJ will now face pressure to rework its entire framework and estimates in light of the data scandal.

"With regard to the extent of the impact, we intend to undertake a careful examination based on upcoming results of government studies," a BOJ spokesperson told Nikkei, offering a few other details.

In addition to the output gap, the services producer price index, released monthly, is the second key BOJ indicator reliant on the labor survey. If the BOJ is forced to drastically revise either this indicator or the output gap, it could introduce uncertainty about the conclusions reached by the central bank which has bought trillions in government bonds and stock ETFs relying on... fake economic data!

"There is no telling how far the impact has spread," said a senior BOJ official, and for the BOJ to admit that economic data in Japan is now sheer chaos and that inflation had been overstated for years, is nothing short of catastrophic.

Meanwhile, adding insult to injury, Japan's latest scandal means that whereas everyone had long been making fun of China's economic data for being manipulated, fabricated and goalseeked, Japan's own "data" was far, far worse.

In the BOJ's quarterly Outlook for Economic Activity and Prices, at least eight out of roughly 60 diagrams incorporate data from the labor survey. Those include charts depicting individual income, nominal wages and consumer spending. The latest report, released Wednesday, amusingly describes a "steady improvement in the employment and income situation." Alas, it turns out the improvement was only possible because the underlying data was wrong and/or "cooked."

The outlooks are considered valuable since they are based on the conclusions about the economy and prices reached by BOJ Gov. Kuroda. The central bank may see no need to revise earlier statements, but the reliability of the body risks being thrown into question regardless.

Meanwhile, just to demonstrate how much of a circular farce "data" in developed countries has become, after Japan’s labor ministry admitted it published faulty wage data, 79% of respondents in a Nikkei poll taken between Friday and Sunday said they now can’t trust government statistics, while 14% said they can. And, making the farce complete, a separate poll found that the approval rating for PM Shinzo Abe rose 6% from last month to 53% in the Nikkei poll, with his disapproval rating falling 7%.

We wonder how long before Japan admits that all of its polls showing support for the prime minister were just as fake.

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Coldest Temperatures of Your Lifetime Descend on the U.S (EMERGENCY WARNING)

What is considered as the coldest temperatures to blanket half of the US in five generations is intensifying. Temperatures will reach -47F as ground temperatures over the next three days with wind chill down to -70F in parts of the Great Lakes, Midwest Pains states and N.E USA, additionally S.E USA will be at all time record cold as well and the power grid will be at all time draw for home heating. This is an indicator of the Grand Solar Minimum intensifying. Good Luck and make preparations for power outages in this historic cold.


Historic Cold Temperatures USA, Quick Forecast (EMERGENCY WARNING)  

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Northern Hemisphere is Not Warming (Adapt 2030)

With the electromagnetic changes in our Sun, it seems that people are effected as well and a wholesale rejection of climate taxes is sweeping the globe. The Northern Hemisphere has not warmed especially looking over 1200 years of time we presently are not the warmest ever, and other locations across the globe show the same, stable or declining.

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This Deep-Sea Mystery is Changing Our Understanding of Life | Karen Lloyd

How deep into the Earth can we go and still find life? Marine microbiologist Karen Lloyd introduces us to deep-subsurface microbes: tiny organisms that live buried meters deep in ocean mud and have been on Earth since way before animals. Learn more about these mysterious microbes, which refuse to grow in the lab and seem to have a fundamentally different relationship with time and energy than we do.

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WMD Take Two: Chemical Weapons Claims in Syria - Prof. Tim Anderson

How do we know that every single allegation of Syrian Government use of chemical weapons use (2013 to 2018) was a fabrication? By ignoring, so far as possible, the propaganda storm of the warring parties and focusing on independent evidence and admissions.

Millions of words have been written about chemical weapons in Syria, and many people are still confused. How can the average person understand this controversy? Rather than debate each incident, I suggest some basic forensic principles can help us ‘cut to the chase’. In particular, we should ignore the endless partisan stories and pay more attention to the genuinely independent evidence.

I investigated and wrote about the early stages of this issue back in 2013, then published a chapter on it in my 2016 book The Dirty War on Syria. I concluded that the August 2013 incident in the East Ghouta was fabricated by the anti-government ‘jihadist’ groups, in an attempt to attract greater NATO support, as had happened in Libya.

In a diplomatic move, Russia persuaded Syria to give up its actual chemical weapon stock (held as a deterrent against Israel) and indeed that stockpile was certifiably destroyed in 2014. But this did not put an end to the allegations. Similar accusations came from the sectarian Islamist groups, particularly in 2017 and 2018, as the Syrian Army drove them out of the country’s cities. Western governments and their media once against raised a ‘weapons of mass destruction’ cry.

First of all we are entitled to consider the circumstances of all these claims. We must be sceptical, because many were fooled by the false claims over ‘weapons of mass destruction’ (WMD) in Iraq. The ‘chemical weapons’ allegations are similar, in that they refer to banned WMDs and seem to provide a pretext for military intervention. These are claims promoted by the same states that ran WMD stories against Iraq. Other extraordinary allegations were argued to justify the NATO bombing of Libya. In each case exceptional claims have been used to justify (or cover up) what would otherwise be seen as transparent aggression.

Second, regarding Syria, we should note that none of the chemical weapons claims were linked to any conventional military objectives. Such weapons are simply unsuited to urban warfare. This was different to the circumstances of the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s. There the US helped Saddam Hussein use chemical weapons against Iran’s mass troop movements (‘human waves’), and against the Faili Kurds of Halabja, who were armed by Iran (Harris and Aid 2013; Tan 2008).

I suggest that some standard legal-forensic principles can help us disentangle the claims and counter-claims. These involve (a) identifying interested parties, and discounting their promotional ‘evidence’ as ‘self-serving’; (b) identifying genuinely independent evidence, whether from witnesses or technical experts; and (c) making use of ‘admissions against interest’. These are standard concepts in criminal law.

In practice it means putting to one side ALL the claims and arguments of interested parties. That is, ignore everything said by the Syrians, Russians, Iranians and their media; and put aside everything said by the armed groups and their supporters, that includes the governments and media of the USA, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Turkey and Israel. We also have to ignore paid agents of the warring parties, such as the Aleppo Media Centre (paid by NATO governments), the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (paid by Britain), ‘Bellingcat’ (paid by the US Government) and others. This includes Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, which have both help sell false pretexts for intervention and war. For example, Amnesty International had backed the false ‘incubator babies’ story that helped drive the first Gulf war against Iraq; they backed (but later retracted) false allegations against Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi; and in 2012 they praised the NATO occupation of Afghanistan (Anderson 2018).

What do we have left? Genuinely independent evidence! Let’s look at that in the four most publicised chemical weapons claims: Khan al Asal (2013), East Ghouta (2013), Khan Sheikoun (2017) and Douma (2018).

The first alleged use of sarin gas in Syria was in April 2013 at Khan al Asal, on the western outskirts of Aleppo city. The Syrian government reported to the UN that anti-government armed groups had used sarin gas, killing 25 and wounding dozens more, both soldiers and civilians. In May 2013 investigator Carla del Ponte confirmed that the UN had evidence of the ‘rebel’ use of sarin gas. Also in May 2013 Turkish police reported finding a 2kg canister of sarin, after raiding the homes of Jabhat al Nusra (al Qaeda) members in Turkey (Anderson 2016: 199-201).

The UN eventually sent weapons inspectors to Damascus, in August 2013. However, just as these inspectors arrived in Damascus, a sarin incident was staged in the East Ghouta area. Video and photos were published of sick or dead children, and the armed groups and their sponsors blamed the incident on the Syrian Army. Syria denied it. The armed groups claimed up to 1,400 were killed, but only eight bodies were reported buried. Syrians questioned the origins of the pictured children, as the area in question had long been a war zone and ghost town, with no schools. It was suspected that these may have been kidnapped children (ISEAMS 2013). This incident overshadowed and delayed the Khan al Asal investigation, and led to an international crisis which was partly resolved by the Russian proposal to destroy Syria’s chemical stockpiles.

UN Investigation of this second major allegation, the August 2013 East Ghouta incident, was given priority over the earlier Khal al Asal investigation. Nevertheless, in December 2013 the UN team presented a report on those and other reported incidents of that year. Because of divisions at the Security Council, the investigators were asked to report on the actual incidents, but without seeking to cast blame. They found that chemical weapons had been used on five occasions (Khan al Asal, East Ghouta, Jobar, Saraqueb and Ashrafieh Sahnaya), and on three of those occasions they were used against soldiers (UNMIAUCWSAA 2013). Only the armed groups were attacking Syrian soldiers. That finding discredited a key argument from the Obama White House, that only the Syrian government had the capacity to launch a sarin attack.

Two additional independent reports undermined the August 2013 accusations. A January 2014 report by MIT scientists Richard Lloyd and Professor Theodore Postol found that the improvised rockets used had a range of only 2 kilometres and so “could not possibly” have been fired at the East Ghouta site from any of the closest Syrian Army positions, as had been suggested by the White House report. Richard Lloyd had been a UN Weapons Inspector, while Professor Ted Postol had been a forensic advisor to the US military. Their independence was unquestionable. A third independent report came from famous investigative journalist Seymour Hersh. His report (‘Whose Sarin’, December 2013) found that many in the US intelligence community did not believe the White House report, which omitted all reference to the evidence of sarin possessed by Jabhat al Nusra (al Qaeda).
“When the attack occurred al Nusra should have been a suspect, but the [Obama] administration cherry-picked intelligence to justify a strike against Assad,” wrote Hersh.
So, when stripped of the clamour from the warring parties and their supporters, the independent evidence of East Ghouta incident of August 2013 lines up against the al Qaeda groups, which controlled much of the East Ghouta area and wanted a pretext for greater military assistance from NATO.

We can apply the same principles to the third highly publicised incident, the alleged sarin attack on Khan Sheikoun (Idlib). This served as the pretext for President Trump’s 7 April 2017 missile attack on Shayrat airbase in Syria. By this time Syria, with help from Russia and Iran, were driving back the armed ‘jihadists’. These groups and their supporters, in particular the US government and various paid ‘information activists’ claimed it was an attack by the Syrian airforce; the Syrians denied it.
What did the independence evidence say? Once again Professor Ted Postol issued a report, the main focus of which was White House reports from the Trump administration. After analysing the allegations, video and wind evidence he issued a rebuttal which said: “the nerve agent attack described in the White House report did not occur as claimed. There may well have been mass casualties from some kind of poisoning event, but that event was not the one described by the WHR” (Postol 2017a). Once again Syrians suspected kidnap victims were being used for these ‘false flag’ attacks. Later Postol issued a second and a third report. Taking into account further information argued by the jihadists in Idlib, and other US allies, he concluded: “the WHR was fabricated without input from the professional intelligence community” (Postol 2017b).

In the Khan Sheikhoun case US agencies used each other to lend the appearance of ‘corroboration’. So the US and UK funded groups, the White Helmets, provided ‘evidence’ of the Sarin attack to both the UN’s OPCW and to the US group Human Rights Watch (2017). Funded by the UK and US governments, there is substantial photographic and video evidence that The White Helmets are close affiliates of the armed Islamist groups in Syria, including Jabhat al Nusra and ISIS/DAESH (Beeley 2018; Hands Off Syria 2019). However for the purpose of this analysis it is sufficient to observe that their major funders are the governments of the UK and the USA, active parties in the war against the Syria Government. That alone disqualifies the White Helmets as a source of independent evidence. Nor is Human Rights Watch (HRW) an independent NGO. It is closely linked to the US foreign policy elite, and its leader Kenneth Roth has issued a series of demonstrably false claims about Syria, during the long war (Anderson 2018).

The OPCW would later report that there had been use of a “sarin like substance” in Khan Sheikhoun (OPCW 2017). However even here they relied on evidence provided by the White Helmets, as no-one from the OPCW visited the site. This problem was discussed by another clearly independent expert, former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter. Prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Ritter had warned that Iraq had no significant weapons of mass destruction. He was ignored then, but was later proven correct. In mid-2017 Ritter wrote that the Human Rights Watch claim that “the material cause of the Khan Sheikhoun event is a Soviet made KhAB-250 chemical bomb” must be false as: “if a KhAB-250, or any other air delivered chemical bomb had been used at Khan Sheikhoun, there would be significant physical evidence of that fact, including the totality of the bomb casing, the burster tube, the tail fin assembly and parachute” (Ritter 2017).
The OPCW was therefore:
“in no position to make the claim … [that] a sarin like substance was used at Khan Sheikhoun, a result that would seemingly compensate for both the lack of a bomb and the amateurish theatrics of the rescuers” (Ritter 2017).
The main reason for this was that there was a broken ‘chain of custody’ in taking samples from the site, out of Syria to the OPCW (Ritter 2017). That act was carried out by the obviously non-independent White Helmets.

We see once again that, when the shrill propaganda is removed, and we pay attention to genuinely independent and qualified voices, we can see the makings of another ‘weapons of mass destruction’ scandal. The partisan sources mislead us.

The fourth and final widely-publicised, alleged chemical weapons incident was said to have been carried out just as the Syrian Army was about to liberate the city of Douma from al Qaeda and its allied ‘jihadists’. This was the alleged 7 April 2018 attack on Douma hospital. Notice that the Syrian Army, by this time, with Russian and Iranian help, had been steadily driving the armed groups out of the urban centres. Once again, any military rationale for the use of chemical weapons was absent. Yet that is what the Douma-based ‘Army of Islam’, the banned Jabhat al Nusra and their western sponsors claimed.

Once again the armed groups and their White Helmet partners issued video which showed people rushing around the hospital reception area, washing people including children with water. The White House and associated media and paid agencies (including the BBC, CNN, Bellingcat and the US-based ‘Syrian American Medical Society’) repeated the jihadists’ stories. The ‘Army of Islam’ media group, the Ghouta Media Centre, put out the story that ‘hundreds’ were killed and injured by a “barrel bomb containing sarin” (Embury-Denis 2018). A White House statement duly affirmed:
“The United States assesses with confidence that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons in the eastern Damascus suburb of Duma on April 7, 2018, killing dozens of men, women, and children … information points to the regime using chlorine in its bombardment of Duma, while some additional information points to the regime also using the nerve agent sarin” (White House 2018).
Most western media ran with this. Later the story would be revised to a ‘chlorine bomb’, after a photo of an unexploded tank was shown in a building.

After the Syrian Army took control of Douma, one of the children in that video would denounce the story, saying he was effectively dragged into his unexpected film role and experienced no toxic chemicals. Yet, because he contradicted the jihadists claims, western media suggested he might have been an “unwitting pawn” (Barker 2018). However, as well as this unwilling ‘victim’, no less than twelve hospital staff told media in Damascus that no chemical attack took place. Several of them were flown to The Hague to repeat this evidence. These doctors and nurses said, in various ways, that there had been an extended filmed commotion at reception; but there had been no air attack on the hospital, there were no fatalities and there had been no chemical weapons (RT 2018b). The British Guardian called this an ‘obscene masquerade’, organised by Russia. Western agencies claimed that these witnesses had probably been pressured by the Syrian Government (Wintour 2018). Before this particular controversy is dismissed we might observe that hospital staff in Douma could not have survived had they been government sympathisers. It is well known that both religious minorities and government supporters were murdered by the Army of Islam and Jabhat al Nusra. In that sense those medical staff were likely quite independent.

In any case, not long after the area was liberated the UN’s OPCW went in and made their report. First they found no trace of any nerve agent: “no organophorphorous nerve agents or their degradation products were detected” (OPCW 2018). So much for the claims from the ‘Ghouta Media Centre’ and the White House. But what about the chlorine backup story? The UN team did find “various chlorinated organic chemicals … from two sites”. However “the FFM cannot confidently determine whether or not a specific chemical was used as a weapon” (OPCW 2018). This report was misused by some media to pretend that the UN group had found that chlorine was used as a weapon. Yet others pointed out that ‘chlorinated organic chemicals’ are found in most households, including as cleaning agents in hospitals. Although under great political pressure in New York, the UN team had rejected the Douma story.

Nevertheless, relying on the general spin over the OPCW report, the BBC (2018) headlined: ‘Douma attack was chlorine gas – watchdog’. This story was a misrepresentation of the OPCW report. It was soon deleted from BBC websites; but not before it had been picked up by several other sites (e.g. MyVueNews 2018).

To wrap up five disgraceful years of chemical weapons propaganda, forensic principles entitle us to look at independent statements, or ‘admissions against interest’, by the warring parties. That includes statements from military leaders in the USA and the UK. US Defence Secretary James Mattis, for example, both before and after the Douma incident, said that he had “no evidence” Syria had used sarin, but was relying on media including social media stories. On 3 February 2018 Mattis was reported as saying: “We have other reports from the battlefield from people who claim it’s been used. We do not have evidence of it. We’re looking for evidence of it” (Burns 2018). In April, just days after the Douma claims, he told the US Congress: “We are not engaged on the ground there so I cannot tell you that we have evidence, even though we certainly had a lot of media and social media indicators that either chlorine or sarin were used” (RT 2018a).

Two former British military leaders expressed their incredulity at the Douma claims, even though those claims had been backed by their government. That fact makes them both independent, as well as qualified. Former SAS commander British General Jonathan Shaw asked:
“Why would Assad use chemical weapons at this time? He’s won the war. That’s not just my opinion, it is shared by senior commanders in the US military. There is no rationale behind Assad’s involvement whatsoever. He’s convinced the rebels to leave occupied areas in buses. He’s gained their territory. So why would he be bothering gassing them?” (Basu 2018).
A similar opinion was expressed and developed further by Lord Alan West, former senior British government security advisor and former head of the British Navy:
“Just before he [President Assad] goes in and takes it [the Douma area] all over, apparently he decides to have chemical attack. It just doesn’t ring true, it seems extraordinary because, clearly he would know that there is likely to be a response from the allies … what benefit is there for his military? Most of the rebel fighters, this disparate group of Islamists, have withdrawn, there are a few women and children left around. What benefit is there is doing what he did [sic]? I find that extraordinary. Whereas we know that in the past some of the Islamic groups have used chemicals, and of course there would be huge benefit for them in labelling an attack as coming from Assad, because they would guess quite rightly that there would be a response from the US, as there was last time, and possibly from the UK and France … The reports that came from there were from the White Helmets who, let’s face it, are not neutrals, you know, they are very much on the side of the disparate groups who are fighting Assad” (NewsVoice 2018).
These are genuinely independent assessments from two military experts. ‘Similar fact’ principles of criminal law entitle us to apply their rationales over Douma to the earlier claims made by the same armed groups in the same area, back in August 2013. That is, there is a pattern of behaviour from these armed groups, involving repeated fabricated claims, to gain greater outside military support. This ‘similar fact’ pattern increases confidence in the evidence that they have indeed been fabricating their claims against the Syrian Army.

When we remove the clamour from the warring parties, their media and paid propagandists, the independent evidence points in one direction: every single claim of chemical weapon use by the Syrian Army was a fabrication. As Lord Alan West said, the al Qaeda aligned groups wanted to attract greater western military support. Western governments and media went along with this extended ‘WMD’ hoax. The scandal served to hide naked US-led aggression against Syria. Western audiences were played, for the second time in a decade, over a ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ scam. Most took the bait.

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Bonfire of the ‘Journalists’: Social Justice Clickbait Faces its Waterloo

There was a time when I ‘liked’ the Facebook pages of Vox, VICE, the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Mic, Upworthy, Mashable, Refinery29, Slate, Salon, NowThis, Thrillist, Gawker. Reading this content, watching it, experiencing it in real time as it was funneled into my newsfeed, I came to feel like Clover. Beyond the necessities of a publication’s house style, beyond the fact that as national news organizations they would have to cover the same stories, I began to lose the ability to tell the content of these companies apart. Whether it was VICE or Mashable or some other VC-backed media startup, the writing style, the ideological commitments, the nerdy, wearisome attention to minor fluctuations in popular culture: they were all the same.

Last week the remorseless scythe of a market in correction began to swing. BuzzFeed is cutting 250 jobs. Verizon is letting 800 people go, including the entire opinion section of HuffPost. Mic was effectively wiped out last November and Mashable burned up in 2017. VICE is struggling. Rather proving the point about pigs turning into men, BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti has been floating the idea of a merger between BuzzFeed and its rivals like VICE and Vox. Would anybody be able to tell the difference?

These companies have not been able to generate the revenue they promised their investors because they have not been able to scale, or to cut their umbilical, traffic-driving cord with Facebook and Google. They haven’t been able to scale because the journalists they’ve hired are, frankly, not very good at their jobs. Take the HuffPost opinion section, featuring Pulitzer-worthy work like: ‘My Uterus Costs More Than A Porsche’; ‘2018 Was The Year American Women Embraced Their Inner Witch’; ‘Does God Listen To Cardi B’; ‘Every Fat Person, Healthy Or Not, Deserves Respect.’ As Truman Capote observed in another context: ‘That’s not writing, that’s typing.’

The digital ‘creative’ class gnashed and wailed as they were bereaved of their jobs. It would be easier to sympathize with them if they hadn’t spent the last 10 years consumed by a project to make the country an even dumber place than it already is (all those damn lists, all that agitprop). The ‘creatives’ that row the digital galleys genuinely believe that they’re special. They think they’ve been doing the world a favor, that they’ve used their ‘voices’ to start a ‘conversation’ about the ‘topics that really matter’. But they’ve confused their own colossal self-regard with independent thinking. They’ve confused their posturing with developing content that’s worth paying money for. Some of them – and I’m chuckling as I type these words – even think that they’re writers.

Writers! The truth is that if you work in digital media, at a place like HuffPost, you’re working on an assembly line, blue tick or not. A dunce or a genius can work on an assembly line, and whatever your intelligence, the product will be the same. Eyeballs, clicks, shares, attention, engagement and anger, always anger, all of it poisons the work, and in journalism the work is telling the truth.

A staggering number of people who work in digital media wouldn’t know what the truth was if it was poured over them like a bucket of fish heads. Covington was their Waterloo. Would they tell the truth about what happened, or would this dumbass junta parade their usual Maoist talking points? They went with the latter.

The problem for the media and the pseudo alternative media is that they have not told the public the truth. Truth is coming second to leftist political partisanship. There are simply better online sources that do better analysis of current events.


Why "Learn to Code" Meme ENRAGES the Media

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Russia's Foreign Debt at Decade Low, as Economy Shifts Away from Neo-Liberal Order

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris take a look at how Russia continues to aggressively disengage from the dollar dominated neo-liberal world order. The Russian government has announced that it has cut its foreign debt to decade lows, while boosting national reserves.

Meanwhile the Russian economy moves ever closer to China, in economic and geopolitical spheres.

Isolationism, of a sort, works. It encourages domestic productive activity, generating employment.

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PEOPLE Calling For Nancy Pelosi To RESIGN After Sen Ted Cruz EXPOSED THIS(VIDEO)

People calling for Nancy Pelosi to resign after sen Ted Cruz exposed this. Democrats vote to not pay federal workers and media hides it. Republicans had a plan to pay federal workers during the shutdown. But that proposal did not pass because all but 6 Democrats voted against it.


POLL: Nancy Pelosi most unpopular national politician in America

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Tom Fitton: Time to Investigate Mueller...Secure the Border NOW...Clinton Updates...& More!

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Science Vs. Appeal To Authority (Tony Heller)

In this video I explain the difference between science and appeal to authority, and use the specific example of Potholer's ice age feedback theory to illustrate it.

In regard to AGW and CO2. The simple fact of the matter is that while the amount of CO2 has been steadily increasing over the last 100 years the temperature of the planet has been variable, with a cooling phase running for a number of decades following the Second World War. Presently global warming has paused - over the last 18+ years.

As for the general ice loss in the northern hemisphere (which leads to temperature increases), one must seriously consider other causes for this such as particle pollution that makes the snow very slightly dirty, and causes it to melt more rapidly. Air pollution in Europe and Asia is terrible. If such phenomena are not included in the climate models, then they need adjusting. Without the particle pollution we might find longer lasting ice and snow and colder overall temperatures.  

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AMERICAN CARNAGE #3 Is A Comic Book Made For A Phantom Audience In A Fake World Of Endless Grievance

SJW comics making a big deal out of things that are not a big deal to make a social-political 'statement'. Video from Comics MATTER w/Ya Boi Zack.

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Monday, 28 January 2019

Dangerous Consequences in Venezuela Regime Change Plan

RT CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle and The Duran’s Alex Christoforou take a quick look at the deepening and dangerous crisis evolving in Venezuela.

The U.S. has thrown its support at opposition leaderJuan Guaigó, as Venezuela’s interim president. For many Latin Americans this has reawakened suspicions of America's intentions in the region, which have little to do with democracy.

Meanwhile China and Russia have rejected the US-backed intervention.

Is this the beginning of the next world’s crisis?

There are a number of targets for those pushing for regime change in Venezuela, among them the country's relationship to China and Russia.


Trump-bashing Iraq war architect Elliott Abrams to lead US regime change in Venezuela

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Trump’s Biggest Donors’ ‘Mission in Life is to Protect… the State of Israel’

Miriam and Sheldon Adelson are Donald Trump’s largest supporters. Together they gave more than $177 million to Trump’s campaign in 2016 and Republican causes in 2016-2018. Dr. Adelson then was given the presidential medal of freedom last year, in recognition in part of her work on drug addiction.
The 73-year-old spelled out her worldview at the Israeli American Council conference last month, and stated that she and her husband alongside her share those views: Jews are unsafe in the west, Israel makes Jews everywhere safe and proud, so all the criticism of Israel is just masked anti-Semitism. Therefore, protecting Israel is their “mission in life,” Dr. Adelson said; and American Democrats must join them in supporting Israel.
Here are excerpts of Dr. Adelson’s remarks followed by comments from Sheldon Adelson, who made his fortune off casinos.
When I met Sheldon he was telling me about the anti-semitism that he suffered in Boston. I want to tell you that I’ve never in my life suffered one personal case of anti-semitism. I grew up a proud Jew in Israel. Proud Israeli in Israel. And when I went to the States later on in my life, I’ve never been exposed to anti-semitism.
I see all what’s going on here, the anti-Israel, the anti-semitism. They mask like anti-Israel, but it’s anti-semitism. So that made me feel that my mission in life is to protect my family, my people, Jewish people and the state of Israel….
We have to spread [the IAC] across America because this organization is going to strengthen the state of Israel… We are here together. As I said when I presented Vice President Pence. No matter whether we are left or right, we have to be strong together. We are like one hand. But we should work separately. We should [unintelligible] together and be strong to protect our homeland.
Moderator Shawn Evenhaim, an LA real estate mogul, said that the Israeli American Council, IAC, is not a rightwing organization, because “Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi wouldn’t be on the stage if this is a rightwing organization, and Haim Saban [Democratic megadonor] wouldn’t be here if it was a rightwing organization.” (Here they are.) Dr. Adelson echoed him:
From the beginning, Sheldon said, that this organization should not be political. Otherwise we will lose half of the Israelis. And we repeat it and repeat it all the time, Please make it even…. We respect each others’ opinions. So we are not a political organization. We are an organization that is pro-Israel, pro the Jewish world. Yes I said it again and again, whatever you are you are welcome, as long as you support the state of Israel. So here and there people are trying to say, it’s right, or it’s left. Or why this left person came, or why this right person. So I want you to be together, as I said, one hand. And we are all together, whatever we say, whatever we think, we are together to protect the state of Israel. We know how important it is. We see the anti-semitism that is happening. And I talked with some holocaust survivor who said, this period reminds them, before the Holocaust, when nobody fought it. So we have to be strong and united. United is the name of it– united and strong. So please stick do it and don’t think that we are any political organization. No matter whether we are right or left. We should work separately but together. We should work together to protect our homeland.
When she introduced Mike Pence, Dr. Adelson thanked him and the Trump administration for doing what she cared about most: trashing the Iran deal, stopping funding for Palestinians, and moving the embassy to Jerusalem, even as the whole world is “ganging up against Israel.” Again she said that Israel protects all Jews, and criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism.
Israel’s fate is that of the entire Jewish people. An attack on Israel is an attack on all Jews. And anti-semitism anywhere only proves the need for .. Israel Jewish homeland… The IAC stands for the principle that regardless of our political difference, we must almost come out to defend the Jewish people and the Jewish state… And doing so also promotes US interests. Right wing or left wing, conservative or liberal, we are all unified in this most important of causes for Jewish survival, American foreign policy, and western civilization.
For his part, Sheldon Adelson said on the panel below that he had two legacies in life, medical research and strengthening the Jewish people and Israel.

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Mueller Indictment of Roger Stone Proves ZERO Trump-Russia Collusion Took Place

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris take a look at the Mueller-Stone indictment which led to the the pre-dawn raid at Roger Stone's Florida home by heavily armed FBI agents.

Regardless of all the media spin and Mueller's carefully crafted story telling with the indictment of Stone, the fact remains that Stone was indicted on process crimes with not a single trace of Russian collusion found.

Special counsel Mueller has once again shown that he has nothing on the Trump campaign with regard to Russia election meddling, as the Deep State crony Mueller opts to arrest Stone on making false statements and obstruction of justice.

Real collusion however appears to have surfaced with regards to Mueller's office and CNN, as the fake news network just happened to be at Stone's residence when at least six FBI vehicles and approximately 12 officers stormed Roger Stone’s home in Fort Lauderdale.

It's obvious there is no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. The biggest problem is the mainstream media's characterisation of this arrest - that it allegedly shows the noose tightening on Trump-Russia 'collusion' investigation. It shows nothing of the sort to people following the details of the indictments.


Corsi on Stone Indictment: We Are Seeing an Out of Control Mueller Operation

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Over 1000 MSM Journalists Fired. Tensions are High (Vee)

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PACE: Sharia Law Incompatible with Basic Human Rights

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (#PACE) has condemned the use of #sharia law in #Europe. It questions whether the traditional Muslim code, is in step with basic human rights

People are slowly waking up.

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The Progressive Police of Virtue and Vice (Sargon)

British police are actively enforcing intersectionality across social media.

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Gillette - the Best a Soy Boy Can Get (Bearing)

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Sunday, 27 January 2019

Rockefeller War On Venezuela Continues - Dean Henderson

Yesterday within hours of President Trump recognizing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as that country’s new president, Venezuela’s duly elected 2nd term President Nicholas Maduro broke all ties with the US, accusing the US of backing a coup against his government and giving all US personnel 72 hours to leave the country. Maduro had only been sworn in two weeks ago.

Russia warned that the attempted US coup attempt, which was later backed by the right-wing governments of Brazil, Colombia, and Canada, would result in bloodshed if further actions were taken. Kremlin spokesmen Dmitry Peskov stated said outside interference in the country were “unacceptable” and that talk of US military actions was “dangerous”.

Educated at the CIA-infested George Washington University, Guaido only became president of the National Assembly of Venezuela on January 5th. He immediately claimed that Maduro was not Venezuela’s President and worked to incite rebellion within the military.

Maria Iris Varela Rangel, a leader in Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Tweeted of the sedition, “Guaido: I have already gotten your jail cell ready with the right uniform, and I hope you name your cabinet quickly to know who will keep you company, you stupid kid”.

US officials told the New York Times they saw Guaido as “a fresh face” and Vice-President Pence had already publicly backed him. Maduro said in a state television address, “Who elects the president of Venezuela? Mike Pence? I am the only president of Venezuela. We don’t want to return to the 20th century of gringo interventions and coups de’ etat.”

In 2017 Maduro organized elections for a constituent assembly. Over 8 million people participated, creating a bulwark which would protect their Bolivarian Socialist Revolution against the constant violence of the Miami-based Venezuelan oligarchy.

On October 9, 2012,  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had been re-elected for the third time in fourteen years, handily defeating conservative oligarch challenger Henrique Capriles with 54% of the vote. The fiery Chavez, who had recently criticized NATO harassment of the Assad government in Syria, was slated to serve another six-year term.

But on March 5, 2013, Chavez died from a rapidly spreading “cancer”, likely administered by agents of the City of London Illuminati banksters. (

Chavez’ re-election was remarkable considering that less than two years before the Venezuelan oligarchy and their CIA/Big Oil backers were holding rallies in Caracas dubbed Operation Venezuela. The events, which were well countered by supporters of Chavez, marked the anniversary of the deposing of Marcos Perez Jimenez in Venezuela in 1958.

But as with all recent CIA-sponsored Orange/Velvet/Cedar “revolutions”, the contradiction lies within the history books. Jimenez, you see, was a right-wing dictator, the polar opposite of the socialist Chavez.

In 1914 Royal Dutch/Shell subsidiary Caribbean Petroleum discovered the vast Mena Grande oilfield in Venezuela. Foreign oil companies began flocking to the area. When oil was discovered at Lake Maracaibo in 1922, Venezuelan dictator Juan Vicente Gómez allowed Americans to write Venezuela’s petroleum law.

On November 27, 1948, Venezuela’s first democratically-elected President Romulo Gallegos was overthrown on a coup led by Jimenez cronies. Democracy was not restored until 1958 when Jimenez was overthrown. President Romulo Ernesto Betancourt Bello won the election held later that year. The populist Betancourt had been President from 1945-1948. He had transferred power to the novelist Gallegos shortly before the right-wing coup.

Jimenez privatized Venezuela’s economy while littering Caracas with the skyscrapers of multinational corporations and banks. He was tight with both Venezuela’s richest man Gustavo Cisneros and Creole Petroleum. Cisneros is a Rockefeller lieutenant who sits on the board at Bank of Nova Scotia- one of the Big 5 Canadian banks. It owned the 200 tons of gold recovered from beneath the World Trade Center post-911.

Creole Petroleum is an Exxon Mobil subsidiary and was founded by the CIA. Creole and the CIA share office space in Caracas. The Rockefeller family-controlled Exxon Mobil is the CIA in Venezuela. Bechtel built the Mena Grande pipeline to service Creole’s Lake Maracaibo oil interests.

Shortly after the 1958 election, Vice-President Richard Nixon visited Venezuela in an attempt to keep Betancourt in the Big Oil/IMF fold. Nixon was instead greeted by millions of angry protesters. Betancourt, who had already forced a 50-50 profit-sharing scheme from Big Oil in his first term, took another left turn. He began funding Castro’s revolutionaries in Cuba and attempted to fully nationalize Venezuela’s oil.

President Dwight Eisenhower responded by introducing quotas on Venezuelan oil while giving preferential treatment to Mexican and Canadian crude. Betancourt countered in September 1960 when Venezuela joined Iran, Iraq Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait at a meeting in Baghdad to launch OPEC as a producer cartel to counter the global economic clout of the Four Horsemen and their various tentacles.

Betancourt embarked on an ambitious land reform program and talked of supporting left-wing FARC rebels in neighboring Columbia. In later 1960 he survived an assassination attempt by agents of Rafael Trujillo, the CIA-installed dictator of the Dominican Republic. It is likely that the Agency itself was involved.

For the next four decades, Venezuela underwent an oil industry re-privatization and expansion, becoming the primary source of Four Horsemen oil bound for the US.  When oil prices crashed in the early 1990’s Venezuela- once the most modern nation in Latin America- suffered an economic collapse. Its once-thriving middle class was largely thrown back into poverty. It was a wake-up call.

In 1998 Fifth Republic Movement candidate Hugo Chavez was elected President with support from Venezuelan workers and peasants.  He railed against US hegemony in his country, announced he would sell oil to friend Fidel Castro in Cuba on favorable terms and established diplomatic ties with Iraq.  He announced a land reform program and installed Marxist economists at PDVSA- Venezuela’s national oil company.  Chavez talked of diverting Venezuelan oil wealth from Western banks towards a grand development scheme for all of Latin America.  OPEC’s articulate Secretary General until 2002 was Venezuelan Oil Minister Ali Rodriguez.

In early 2002 Venezuela’s ruling elite, led by Rockefeller crony Gustavo Cisneros and his Bank of Nova Scotia crowd, attempted to overthrow Chavez.  There were reports of US Naval and Air Force involvement.  In April Chavez stepped down.  Within days, following angry protests from the Venezuelan working class, he was back in power. The pro-US general who led the attempted coup was charged with treason.

El jeffe fled to Columbia where he was welcomed by the US-backed narco-terrorist Uribe government.  In October the Venezuelan oligarchy took another run at Chavez. Again their putsch failed.  On December 5, 2002, Chavez stated that the Venezuelan unrest was part of a plot, “to seize the country’s oil industry”.

On January 16, 2003, Chavez left Venezuela amidst a strike led by oligarch oil executives. He appealed for help at the UN, where he handed over leadership of the radical G-77 group of developing nations to Morocco.  In late February, after withstanding the strike, Chavez, knowing full well the true power behind the strikers, told the US government to “back off”.

On April 17, 2003, Venezuelan Army Director General Melvin Lopez proclaimed in USA Today that the US government had been directly involved in the attempted February putsch and that he had proof that three US Black Hawk helicopters had been sighted in Venezuelan airspace during that time.

On Christmas Eve 2005 Chavez delivered a speech to his nation in which he said, “…minorities, descendants of those who killed Jesus Christ, control the riches of the world”. He also proclaimed that 911 was an inside job.

In June 2007 Chavez ordered Big Oil to accept the role of junior partner to state-owned PDVSA or leave Venezuela. Exxon Mobil and Conoco Phillips both left. He befriended Iran and a wave of Chavez-allied left-wing Presidents came to power in Latin America. The most radical were Evo Morales in Bolivia, Raphael Correa in Ecuador and Sandinista Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. Together they used Venezuela’s oil wealth to launch the much anticipated Banco del Sur as a counter to IMF hegemony over their continent.

As Chavez’ attitude towards the international bankers became more defiant, the Four Horsemen began to buy oil from more easily corruptible nations like Mexico and Columbia.  By 1990 Exxon was getting 16% of its oil from Columbia, while Chevron procured 26% of its US-bound crude oil from Mexico.

A May 2010 report documenting foreign assistance to political groups in Venezuela, commissioned by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), revealed that more than $40 million annually is channeled to anti-Chavez groups from US agencies. NED founder Allen Weinstein bragged to the Washington Post, “What we do today was done clandestinely twenty-five years ago by the CIA.”

In January 2011 the Obama administration revoked the visa of Venezuela’s ambassador to Washington after Chávez rejected the nomination of Larry Palmer as US ambassador in Caracas. Palmer had been openly critical of Chavez and has a spooky resume.

He worked with Betancourt’s would-be assassin Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic and cavorted with US-backed dictators in Uruguay, Paraguay, Sierra Leone, South Korea, and Honduras. Palmer was to replace Patrick Duddy who was involved in the attempted coup against Chávez in 2002.

The latest plank in Chavez’ “Socialism for the 21st Century” program was reform the financial sector, long dominated by the international banker cartel. Venezuela’s National Assembly has passed legislation that defines banking as a public service.

The law requires banks in Venezuela to contribute more to social programs, housing construction efforts, and other social needs. It protects depositors by requiring the Superintendent of Banking Institutions to work in the interest of bank customers rather than stockholders.

In an attempt to control speculation, the law limits to 20% the maximum amount of capital a bank can have out as credit. The law also limits the formation of financial groups and prohibits banks from having an interest in brokerage firms and insurance companies. The Depression-era Glass-Steagal Act had done the same thing in the US until President Bill Clinton repealed it in 1995.

The Venezuelan law also stipulates that 5% of bank profits go to projects approved by communal councils, while 10% of bank capital must be put into a fund to pay for wages and pensions in case of bankruptcy.

According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), “Chávez has threatened to expropriate large banks in the past if they don’t increase loans to small-business owners and prospective home buyers, this time he is increasing the pressure publicly to show his concern for the lack of sufficient housing for Venezuela’s 28 million people.”

Prior to his death, Chavez had become more vocal in his opposition to Western intervention in the Middle East, allying himself firmly with Iran and Syria while praising Arab socialism. He called Syrian President Assad “a humanist and a brother” and described deposed Libyan socialist President Mohamar Gaddafi as “a friend of mine”.

As for the Illuminati banksters,, Chavez confirmed their WSJ mouthpiece’s greatest fear, stating, “Any bank that slips up…I’m going to expropriate it…”

The bankers killed Hugo Chavez and tried to prevent the 2013 election of Maduro and the 2017 establishment of a people’s constituent assembly. Desperate to reimpose their Rockefeller/Rothschild  ExxonMobil/Royal Dutch Shell oil monopoly upon the nation, Trump’s recognition of the schoolboy Guaido as president is just the latest maneuver towards this end.

But these Rockefeller cronies continue to underestimate the Venezuelan people, who will continue their revolutionary struggle and remain a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.

Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror NetworkThe Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 CountriesStickin’ it to the MatrixThe Federal Reserve Cartel & Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation. You can subscribe free to his weekly Left Hook column

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Roger Stone was not arrested for anything to do with Russia. The Trump-Russia case is cover for the classified email crimes of Hillary Clinton (among other things). Note: Goodman thinks that William Barr will fix much of this mess when he becomes the new Attorney General. The problem for Trump is that Barr is a CIA swamp creature.


Tucker: Is America safer now that Roger Stone was arrested?  

Stone on his indictment: This is about silencing me, criminalizing political expression

Tom Fitton Threatens FOIA Lawsuit to Uncover How CNN Was Tipped Off on Roger Stone Raid

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Syrian War Report – Jan. 25, 2019: Israeli Patrol Came Under Fire In Golan Heights

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Over 400 Dead in Ebola Epidemic Spreading in the Northeast Congo (Styx)

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White House Drafting National Emergency Proclamation To Include $7B For Border Wall

The White House is drafting plans to declare a national emergency along the southern US border which would provide $7 billion in potential funds for President Trump's long-promised border wall, according to CNN - citing internal documents we hope are more accurate than BuzzFeed's.

Trump has not ruled out using his authority to declare a national emergency and direct the Defense Department to construct a border wall as Congress and the White House fight over a deal to end the government shutdown. But while Trump's advisers remain divided on the issue, the White House has been moving forward with alternative plans that would bypass Congress.

"The massive amount of aliens who unlawfully enter the United States each day is a direct threat to the safety and security of our nation and constitutes a national emergency," a draft of a presidential proclamation reads.

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Trump Turns the Shutdown Tables on the Democrats as Some of his Fans Balk (Styx)

He has re-opened the government for three weeks.

Story thanks to Trump is Right.

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Chinese Economic Imperialism Via the New Silk Road (Black Pigeon)

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, January 27th, 2019.]

Power Prices Spike Up 4X, Coldest in a Century Across Canada (Adapt 2030)

Power prices up 4X as Texas experiences extreme cold and record power demand, at the same time Quebec government asking people to turn down the heat as power demand exceeds supply as -50F temperatures make it the coldest January in over 100 years. Ottawa and Quebec break 100 year cold and temperature records. 

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, January 27th, 2019.]