Sunday, 5 August 2018


Question: “I am a white male, 38, and my former boss, a Chinese woman I joined the company with, verbalized, at least once, her agenda to “fix” the department by bringing in more Chinese people, another comment was that I don’t fit the stereotype of a white person, because I am smart. She slowly started taking action in the department to replace non-Chinese people with Chinese people, and soon I too was in the cross hairs. She was initially successful, 50% of the hires were Chinese, replacing all non-Chinese, until I took some measured strategic actions and now she is no longer at our company. The questions is can these strategies be generalized for others to use and to be used in other scenarios?”

Story thanks to Trump is Right.

There's a huge train of 'popular thought' that portrays all white people as intrinsically racist, but the fact remains that non-white people can also be prejudicial. Some apparently mentally unstable (narcissistic) non-whites are buying into the propaganda. In fact it is white societies in the West that appear more open than any others around the world.

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