Friday, 10 August 2018

Deep State and MSM Will Fight to the Death Against Trump – Paul Craig Roberts

Why is the mainstream media (MSM) and the Deep State fighting so hard against Trump? Economic expert and journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts contends, “All this started during the Presidential campaign when Trump started normalizing relations with Russia. It would be good for both of us, both countries. That’s when they cooked this up (Russian collusion with Trump campaign). They said, oh my gosh, we can’t have that. All the money we wallow in, the excuse for it, will be gone. That’s the main factor here, and it’s a huge sum of money. So, they are going to fight to the death over it.”

The censorship effort is not only against Alex Jones. The elites are against the rise of populism and free speech and the spread of ideas and information that upset their globalist world order. While Trump might not be entirely without corrupt backers (an understatement) it appears he is part of a more realistic cabal within the system that is trying to fix a few things.

Note: With neocons still employed within the new Administration, as they were in Bush and Obama's, is what we are seeing, in terms of a changing foreign policy, simply a ruse where we'll get more of the same?

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