Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Trump Can't Win, One Year Anniversary Gloatfest

Nearly one year ago today, the impossible happened, Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th president of the United States.

The point is that some independent analysts saw beyond the mainstream media propaganda and thought Trump could win (if he could get past the vote rigging). Attached to the establishment media were fake alternative news sites like The Young Turks. They all spewed the same heavily biased message.

However, in terms of predicting the outcome of the election, people with rational minds could see that Clinton was massively unpopular. Huge numbers showed up to Trump rallies and almost no one showed up to the Hillary Clinton events.

What this election proved was how dishonest and controlled the mainstream media people were and their lapdog pollsters. It showed a wider Deep State at work, and that they failed to get the favoured candidate into office.

Mistakes were not made here.

The lies were deliberate.

Polling companies don't deliberately over sample Democrat voters by accident. Those who looked closely at what was going on, like Bill Still, pointed to the Trump victory.

The lessen is that the system is rigged - in favour of the establishment - but that the people are awake enough to see past smear campaigns and vote in someone who identified real (economic) problems that needed to be fixed.

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