Saturday, 9 June 2018

Scott Adams - How to Guide a Victim Out of Trump Derangement Syndrome

Scott Adams shows you how to guide a victim out of Trump Derangement Syndrome. With coffee.

He explains how the media has intentionally duped the public, and asks people to start questioning what the mainstream media is telling them after what they've said on multiple occasions has turned out to be a hoax. People are believing stories about Trump that have been taken out of context. The public is not fully woke to the lying corporate media.

If one or two things reported about Trump are obvious lies, then what about all the other media representations? And when you dig you find that almost all of the anti-Trump claims are false. Now this does not mean you have to agree with all of Trump's political choices or policies, only that the media is vastly misrepresenting the guy (that he is Hitler, a racist etc).

People have been falling for this simplistic media propaganda over the last few years. This video provides a good explanation about what's happening. A good deconstruction.

(The later section of the video clip deals with the Israel-Palestinian conflict.)

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