Thursday, 21 June 2018

Robert Fisk: Is N. Korea Summit a 'Sideshow' as Israelis & U S Plan to Attack Iran?

Could Trump/Kim Jong-Un summit be a sideshow to divert attention from Israeli/U.S. plans to attack Iran?

Military strikes on Iran, if they occur, will be limited, and will only draw increasing Russian support for the country. There is little the US or Israel can do to seriously degrade Iran, a nation that does not have a nuclear weapons program.

Fisk also talks about the war in Syria, and the fact there are few Iranian forces in the country, and that Turkey is still a staging ground for ISIS.

However, Fisk's characterisation of Trump as crazy is incorrect. The real game for Trump is to bring back manufacturing from China, Mexico and Canada through a trade war. He is for de-globalisation. The global conflict zones are side shows that Trump may want to unwind (over the long term, except that he is surrounded by neocon warmongers that would kill him if he acted too overtly).

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, June 21st, 2018.]

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