Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Sirhan Sirhan Didn't Kill RFK, Says RFK's Son - 50 Years After #RFK Was Assassinated RFK Jr. Finally Starts to Ask if Sirhan Sirhan Acted Alone


Sirhan Sirhan, a patsy in the RFK murder -- Dr. William Pepper, Attorney  

Story thanks to Trump is Right.

This new development about RFK jr. has been widely reported in the mainstream media - the same media that has acted as a gatekeeper for the truth. The evidence that proved Sirhan Sirhan's innocence has been around for decades and now we are seeing this. Something has changed politically to allow the story to get out.

The big issue here is the mainstream admitting the RFK killing was the result of a US Government involved conspiracy because it opens the door to legitimate questioning of other assassinations and events like 911.

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