Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Putin’s Big Warning To NATO: “Ukraine Is Our RED LINE”

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Western countries not to cross the “red line” in relations with Moscow.

“Well, there are certain limits, understand that the ‘red line’ should not be crossed. Respect our interests as well,” said the president on Saturday during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2018.

According to Putin, NATO’s enlargement could pose a threat to Russia. The Russian president stated that this situation arose in Ukraine after the coup.

“In addition to the fact that NATO has approached our borders, we suspect that tomorrow Ukraine will also be included [in the Alliance] and place radars and anti-missile defense systems,” said the Russian leader. Putin has made it clear that such an alliance is unworkable, and herein lies the ‘red line’.

Putin is trying to forestall Ukrainian aggression that is likely to occur during the World Cup.

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