Tuesday, 27 February 2018

CIA, Media & The Mind-Controlled Opposition (Full Video)

In this edition of Probable Cause Newsbud Founder and Editor Sibel Edmonds is joined by Douglas Valentine, author of several non-fiction books, one novel, and one volume of poetry. He has lectured and appeared on TV and radio talk shows, testified as an expert witness, served as a documentary film consultant and worked as a private investigator. His most recent book is The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World. Edmonds and Valentine discuss the influence and operations of the CIA abroad and domestically, while controlling the Media.

You cannot trust anyone out of the CIA, even "ex" CIA officials because part of their mission is media manipulation. A lot of "former" CIA people are plants, whose jobs are to shape public debate. However, having said this, some of these people seem to be genuine and, operating within the bounds of their secrecy restrictions, do speak up against particular corrupt agendas. Not everyone working within the Deep State system agrees with what's going on.

Note: Real critics of the CIA or Deep State, who have a high level of charisma, and upset the wrong people, get killed, like journalist Michael Hastings (who was working on a story about the CIA). In this "accident" the car's engine had been ejected from the vehicle BEFORE it hit the tree. It also appeared that control of the car had been hijacked causing it to speed down the road. Witnesses said the car was already on fire before it hit the tree.

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