Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Up to 5,805 Civilians Killed in Iraqi-US op During Battle for Mosul - Amnesty Intl

Up to 5805 civilians may have been killed by Iraqi and US-led coalition forces in the last four months during the battle for Mosul. That's the latest estimate from human-rights organization, Amnesty International. In its new report, the group says pro-government forces relied upon imprecise weapons during the liberation of West Mosul and ignored the growing number of civilian deaths.

Remember the outcry from the Western media and politicians when the Syrian Army re-took Aleppo City? Fighting in built up areas is always 'messy' and involves a high casualty count. In both situations Government forces were fighting against terrorists.


Syrian War Report – July 10, 2017: ISIS’ Territory In Syria, Iraq Is Shrinking

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