Sunday, 9 July 2017

Libyan War, Syrian War And Qatar Crisis

Excellent South Front analysis/summation regarding the on going wars pointing out that Qatar's proxy forces in the region have come under pressure after the 'international community' turned against them (led by Saudi Arabia).

It looks like the varying interests, or factions, that have waged war in the Middle East and North Africa, often in partnership, are now struggling to getting along. It's a dog eats dog world.

Comment from social media:
Good analysis about Qatar and other states in the ME sponsoring various factions in Libya and Syria. It helps make sense of the partnerships but doesn't focus on the questions of Qatar's news outlet hacking off the other Gulf Countries (Al Jazeera) or their involvement with Iran and partnership with the gas (that the Saudi's would like to control with oil on the nose these days) ... it discusses more their partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood that was ousted in Egypt.

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