Friday, 7 July 2017

#CNNBlackmail: Donald Trump vs The Liberal Elite - Sargon

The left-wing elite are acting in defence of their class interests.

This is an excellent analysis of what happened starting with the Russia-Trump connection LIES. The mainstream media is at war with Trump, and they play dirty, pretending to be righteous while threatening those who have struck back against their schemes on social media (using memes). Memes helps Trump win the election, because they carried a lot of truth. This MSM attempt to push back against truth telling will not be well accepted by the public.

Each battle the media loses TEACHES the public about what the media is and how it works. The corporate news media institutions are destroying themselves in a world where information can be freely and easily shared. The information control matrix of the MSM is falling apart.

Note: The next round of battle will be with a huge increase in online trolling and disinformation and targeted attempts to shut down independent media via subtle censorship or other methods, perhaps in a post mass terrorist attack world, where the Internet, and daily life, is closely controlled for security purposes. The only hope for the elite is to have the Western world rocked by constant mass murdering terrorist attacks of all kinds. The more the elite wake up to what is happening the more that they will push for war, economic calamity (a financial crash and depression), and ramped up terrorism.


#CNNBlackMail : Losing The Meme War - BADLY (Black Pigeon)

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