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Why Is ISIS Attacking The Philippines?

As ISIS moves across the world, conveniently popping up wherever America wants to touch down, the fact that the terrorist organization is an American creation is becoming more and more obvious to many people. Regardless, the news that ISIS recently managed not only to conduct terror attacks in the Philippines but was able to seize and occupy an entire city caught many people by surprise. Indeed, for those who are unaware of the nature and history of the terrorist organization and what role American imperialism plays in regards to its activity, the recent events in the Philippines no doubt have many Americans absolutely befuddled.

The Incident

 As the Independent article “ISIS-Linked Militants Behead Police Chief And Take Priest And Churchgoers Hostage In Philippines City,” reported on May 24,
There is little question that ISIS is attacking the Philippines but now the question is why?

Why Is ISIS Attacking The Philippines?

 If one can rightly understand ISIS for what it is – the proxy army of the United States, NATO, Israel, and the GCC – the reasons for attacks, the location of attacks, and their timing tends to make much more sense. Such is the case with the recent “surprise” attacks in the Philippines.

Bouth Maute and Abu Sayaff are offshoots of ISIS and al-Qaeda which are themselves funded by and facilitated by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the intelligence agencies of Western powers. The United States has successfully used this strategy since at least the late 1970s and it continues to do so today.

The global network of terrorism, allegedly inspired and dictated through cave-dwellers with good modems is evidenced by the fact that, even as Russia, Syria, and Iran destroy the focal point of radical Sunni terrorism in the Middle East in Syria and Iraq, the organization continues to launch attacks across the world in Europe, North America, Australia, Africa, and Asia. The Philippines is only the most recent location to witness a surprise jihadist offensive that overwhelms security forces and shakes the confidence of the population in their government.

ISIS and ISIS-style terrorism is Asia is not a new thing, however. As Tony Cartalucci writes in his article, “ISIS Touches Down In The Philippines,
Likewise, violence in Malaysia and Thailand are directly linked to this wider US-Saudi alliance, with violence erupting at each and every crucial juncture as the US is incrementally pushed out of the region. Indonesia has likewise suffered violence at the hands of the Islamic State, and even Myanmar is being threatened by Saudi-funded terrorism seeking to leverage and expand the ongoing Rohingya humanitarian crisis.
This NATO-U.S.-Saudi-Israeli support network for terrorism easily explains how allegedly backwards terror organizations have such a massive global reach. Philippine officials have been aware of this fact for some time, at least since around 2005 when a Wikileaks cable stated,
Philippine officials noted their continuing concern about Saudi-origin terrorist financing coming into the Philippines under the cover of donations to mosques, orphanages, and madrassahs. Although three Saudi nationals suspected of being couriers had been detained on separate occasions, Saudi Ambassador Wali had intervened in each case to secure their release.
ISIS Is Controlled By The U.S. And NATO
 It is important to point out that the Islamic State is not some shadowy force that emerged from the caves of Afghanistan to form an effective military force that is funded by Twitter donations and murky secretive finance deals. IS is entirely the creation of NATO and the West and it remains in control of the organization.


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