Thursday, 1 June 2017

New Study Suggests Alien Civilizations May Number in TRILLIONS

Woodruff Sullivan and Adam Frank looked at NASA’s recent discoveries of potentially habitable worlds and considered the odds whether sophisticated civilizations could have inhabited them or still do.

“What we showed was the ‘floor’ on the probability for a civilization to form on any randomly chosen planet,” Frank, a University of Rochester physics and astronomy professor, told The Huffington Post in an email. “If we are the only civilization in cosmic history, then that what we calculated is the actual probability nature has set. But if the real probability is higher than that floor, then civilizations have happened before.” 

According to Frank, the potential number of planets orbiting their host star within a habitable distance is staggering.

This raises hopes that one of those planets might host alien life, and with a bit of luck, we even might discover an advanced alien civilization inhabiting one of those planets.

“Even if you are pretty pessimistic and think that you’d have to search through 100 billion (habitable zone) planets before you found one where a civilization developed, then there have still been a trillion civilizations over cosmic history!” Frank wrote. “When I think about that, my mind reels — even if there is just a one in a 100 billion chance of evolution creating exo-civilizations, the universe still has made so many of them that we are swamped by histories other than our own.”

One of the most famous equations dealing with the possibility of Alien life existing in the universe is the Drake Equation. It was created by astronomer Frank Drake in 1961, and it estimates the number of planets that may be home to advanced alien civilizations with the ability to communicate with other civilizations in the cosmos.

However, Frank and Sullivan modified the Drake equation implementing new data into it. Since the Drake equation analyzes the possibility od advanced civilizations existing in the Milky Way, the equation proposed by Frank and Sullivan calculate the possible number of advanced alien civilizations that have existed in our galaxy throughout the whole ‘known’ history of the universe.

There is plenty of evidence fitting the hypothesis that the Earth has been/is being probed by other intelligent life forms (with drones?). The data comes from thousands of UFO sightings, many of them high quality, that show unique objects 'operating' within the atmosphere that do not correspond to known mundane objects (balloons, jets, weather etc) and behave as if under intelligent control.

The only problem with the UFO evidence is that it has been subject to cover-up and disinformation from our Governments and various lackeys in academia.

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