Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Iran Fires Missiles Against 'Terrorist Bases' in E. Syria in Retaliation for Tehran Attacks

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have launched a mid-range ballistic missile attack on terrorist positions in the Syrian province of Deir-ez Zor in retaliation for terrorist attacks in Tehran, Tasnim news agency reports.

Although the neocons want Iran to be suckered into a wider war via the conflict in Syria, the terrorist attack provocation will ultimately be good in terms of encouraging the Iranians to more fully support the Syrian Army and hasten the end of the fighting. They cannot easily escape the trap because if they do nothing large areas of Syria will remain in the hands of terrorists. Continued, and escalated, 'covert' troop and equipment support should happen. The Russians should escalate plus Chinese ground and/or air forces should enter the fray to put a quick end to this proxy war madness.

Also, the use of accurate ballistic missiles in this Iranian strike sends a clear message to the Saudis who are supporters of ISIS. The strike is partly a warning to the Israelis, that Iran might be able to damage them if Israel decides to launch a nuclear strike. Iran would never initiate a conflict here because of fears of nuclear retaliation. They could respond and strike Israeli nuclear power facilities if they are attacked. Any use of nuclear weapons by Israel would massively turn world opinion against them regardless of any excuses they made (more so that the revisionist criticism levelled against the US atomic weapons use against Japan in WW2).  

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