Friday, 26 May 2017

Trump, Manchester, Seth Rich, Weapons, Pot, and Riots. Michael Rivero

TPP, GMOs, Mueller, Comey, and Flynn’s 5th, China's food imports
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At the end Rivero mentions China's food concerns. The problem in China is due to dodgy operators who make things like plastic rice or use inorganic material to fill out their products, as was seen in the 2008 Chinese milk scandal. Counterfeit products, that use organic, but non-active ingredients is another problem. This is why Chinese people living in Australia are presently shipping tons of infant formula to mainland China. The same thing is happening with vitamins and other medicines available in Australia: Meet the Chinese students making up to $3000 a week selling Australian vitamins and baby formula back to China

The stock prices for the companies that make these products have gone through the roof (although there has been a cool off with the vitamin manufacturers).

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