Friday, 5 May 2017

Plan Trump: If North Korea Doesn’t Give Up Its Nukes…We Screw China! - Newsbud

This week on Newsbud’s China Watch with Peter Lee: The Trump administration has a plan for North Korea; and a plan for China if North Korea doesn’t work out. Plus: Meet Miles Kwok. And the weirdest Donald Trump statue yet.

While the Chinese are not happy with US rhetoric against North Korea they are not happy with the actions of Kim Jong-Un either. There will be some Chinese pressure against the North.

The bottom line is that the US will use tensions here as leverage against the Chinese unless they get North Korea to back down. The target will always be China because of the huge trade imbalances. This may be the excuse for a more protectionist US foreign policy.

Furthermore, the US military establishment will be looking at stopping an expansionist China in the Asia Pacific. Any excuse to isolate and destabilise the Chinese, who are now posing as real rivals to US influence in the region will be tried. They will aim to vilify the Chinese (slowly) so that it ends up in the same boat as Russia (except that there are huge trade connections between the two countries that will have to be unwound). The MIC may actually go along with the Trump plan to put tariffs on the Chinese and return production to the USA. This process will have a destabilising impact on the Chinese economy. Tensions with China promotes US arms industry development and production.


China Issues Unprecedented Warning To Citizens In North Korea: Return Home

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