Monday, 8 May 2017

North Korea, China Exchange Threats and Rebukes in Unprecedented Diplomatic Row - Styx

The likelihood of conflict (political or otherwise) between China and North Korea was outlined in previous posts on this site.

Simply put, Chinese trade ties to the West are more important that Chinese ties to North Korea. While no one wants war it is undeniably true that North Korea represents a problem for ALL sides.

Please note, in terms of open warfare, Styx's view of a pre-emptive (decapitation) strike on North Korea is not something that could be done 'cleanly'. Talk about suppressing the North Korean artillery on the border is not really feasible. All the actors in such a conflict will suffer terrible,  potentially regime ending, losses. This is why continued political pressure (the most significant coming from China towards North Korea), that may include sponsoring a coup, is the most likely outcome.

Story thanks to Trump is Right.


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