Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Muslims Take To The Streets Chanting Obama In Sydney [UPDATED]

Owen Shroyer talks about a video showing muslims marching through the streets of sidney, australia shouting, "Obama, Obama we love Osama"
"OBAMA, Obama we love Osama" chants a group of Muslim migrants causing havoc on the streets of Sydney, Australia. Watch as Muslim migrants attack the police, Australian citizens, and anyone within their vicinity while they praise Isis, one of the world's predominant terror groups if not the leader.
FULL VIDEO HERE... http://vidmax.com/video/149204--OBAMA... This is just a glimpse of what Western nations have to look forward to if they continue to import Muslim migrants who have no intent on assimilating into the nation's that accept them with open arms.

[UPDATE: The video to this story was taken down at the source. I can only assume that there was some problem with the story, that Infowars may have misread what happened here.]

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, May 9th, 2017.]

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