Monday, 1 May 2017

MSM Ignores Massive Pedo Investigation

By all accounts the Trump Administration has waged a silent war due to the lack of any mainstream media coverage on the underbelly of a human trafficking network of pedophilia. Already arresting 1500 scumbags in 3 months compared to 400 by the Obama Administration in all of 2014.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions holds no quarter in his efforts to undermine this pervasive horror regardless of Nancy Pelosi and the deep state efforts to take him down.

A Doctor, Policemen, a judge and even a former Vice President of Dyncorp have been hauled in. The New York Daily News reports "A retired Army general who worked in the Pentagon has been hit with multiple rape charges for the alleged assault of at least one minor three decades ago.
Maj. Gen. James Grazioplene faces six charges for alleged rapes that happened in 1983 and 1989, the Army announced Friday. If convicted, he faces life in prison and the loss of his pension." Of course Dyncorp is no stranger to allegations of abusing children.

Let's hope this accelerates and drags in those at the very top of the tree. If Trump is really being controlled (a opposed to being a puppet the whole time), then taking down these networks might be the only way to break free. My fear is that what we see here is only a 'limited hangout' where the biggest fish are allowed to continue their crimes.

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