Thursday, 20 April 2017

Thoughts on North Korea/USA shenanigans and China

My thoughts are that none of the actors are going to do anything because the consequences are too great (unless some fifth column madman decides to kick things off with some kind of sneak attack ie a false flag):

Kim Jong Un would lose power as his country is nuked/destroyed, and the South and Japan face a few nuked cities, including a destroyed Seoul. When you sit around the planning table there are no good options.

I think the aim will be to keep the pressure up using China. I know the Chinese are still very hacked off about Jong-Un's brother being assassinated (who they assisted/protected). They banned Nth Korean coal exports and other goods. I think they will demand some sort of compensation for the loss of face. They might not care if North Korea implodes so long as they can send in humanitarian occupation forces. If some generals can be convinced to arrest or kill Jong-Un and sue for peace then all sides will be happy.

It's also remotely possible that China may 'unexpectedly' play hardball with the North to kick off a war between the two countries, which would help cover-up problems with the Chinese economy. A few nuked Chinese cities and an excuse to take over North Korea might not be out of mind for those running China.


[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, April 20th, 2017.]

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