Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Stop the Pro-War Propaganda Ramping up Intervention in Syria: A Letter to ABC Australia's News Radio

Dear News Radio,

Do you not engage in any in-depth RESEARCH or fact checking when it comes to war?

There is no evidence that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons in this latest incident, and there is no hard evidence proving they used chemical weapons in past, including the Ghouta attack, despite the claims being pushed by the pro-regime change crowd. In fact there have been multiple instances where the rebel side was caught with CWs, boasted about having them, and where the targets of these attacks were civilians AND (most importantly) Government soldiers. This is a historical fact and can be easily checked. You have done little to address the critical issue of opposition forces using CWs in order to gain outside support to overthrow the SECULAR Government.

I briefly wrote the Prime Minister about what's happened - where Western intervention will effectively make us allies of the Al Qaeda-linked 'moderate rebels' [Another fact].

Stop filling the airwaves with apologists for the sectarian terrorist armies who say they want democracy while their side is engaging in ethnic cleansing!

Subject: Syrian Chemical Weapons False Flags and the illegal attack by the Trump Administration
Dear Malcolm,

The people are not fools despite the media continuing to push the idea that 'Assad is using chemical weapons on his own people'. My social media networks are FILLED with people who are against Trump's bombing of Syria. No one is saying anything about how the US attack was justified in response to the recent chemical weapons incident. Most people think the CW attack was a false flag. Trump's attack on the Syrian Government is illegal. Australia being party to such operations would make those in command positions complicit. 

You need to stop playing strategic games on this issue before the whole Internet-informed world turns against you. Each outrage and injustice turns more and more people away from mainstream media and the big political parties.

If your intelligence bosses are telling you that Assad is, and was, responsible for the CW attacks during the course of the war they should be fired. They know what is going on here. They know that the rebel groups are sectarian in nature and that the Assad forces are the moderates in the conflict. They know that the war has been sponsored by outside countries, such as outlined in an Aug 2012 DIA document that stated that "The West, Gulf Countries, and Turkey" were supporting the opposition where the leading groups were 'Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI [Al Qaeda in Iraq]'.

The war in Syria is a proxy war crime. Knowingly pushing propaganda that supports the war - passing it off primarily as a civil war, where Assad is simply murdering innocent civilians - is a crime.

Stop what you are doing and think. Not all of the people will be fooled all of the time - especially in the modern Internet Age. Eventually a time will come, in the near future, where those that support the mass murders in Syria will be held to account.

Thanks for your attention.

ps. I have some (alternative media) experience in dealing with this sort of propaganda.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, April 11th, 2017.]

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