Friday, 28 April 2017

Marine Le Pen Embarrasses Macron - Bill Still

While Macron calmly met with union reps from the factory, Le Pen suddenly appeared unannounced at the factory gates and posed with picketing workers. The event was covered live on most French TV news channels.
Le Pen said:
“Everyone knows what side Emmanuel Macron is on – he is on the side of the corporations. I am on the workers’ side. He’s showing disdain for workers, so I’ve come to see them.”
Macron, visibly shaken, accused Le Pen of grabbing the news cycle with a photo op. He rushed to the factory gates himself, but Le Pen had gone. He waded into the crowd with his faithful servants streaming the event to Facebook. But, oh oh, he was met with a cascade of boos and jeers.
Undaunted the intellectual and seemingly out-of-touch Macron proceeded to get into a heated debate with the crowd and began shouting “listen to me” to try to silence the boos as he announced that he could not save the factory as Le Pen had just promised.
Macron then got into an argument with a demonstrator in a t-shirt and ended up telling that:
“… the best way to afford a suit is to work.”

Wow, Macron really screwed up. Maybe he wants Le Pen to win so France can be saved.

Story thanks to Trump is Right.

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