Sunday, 12 March 2017

TRAITORS AT THE GATE: VP Pence Says The CIA Does Not Spy On American Citizens – Judge Napolitano Disagrees – FBI Director Tells Justice Department To Ignore Trump!

I am total shock with what Vice President Pence told Fox News About WIKILEAKS Vault 7 CIA news. But I am in more shock that FBI Director James Comey, the man President Trump kept on as FBI Director, is outright telling the DOJ to ignore President Trump’s accusations of being wiretapped. Comey is making a firm point of telling everyone to ignore Trump’s wiretapping claims…it did not happen. I hate to see two more government entities pop up and cause anymore trouble for President Trump and the American people.

However, I will admit here I did not trust VP Pence to begin with. I cannot explain it exactly, but I can say he is too pro-establishment. We know that President Trump praised WIKILEAKS throughout the Election. If not for Julian Assange, we would not know about the DNC turning on one of its own, Bernie Sanders. We would not know about the crimes of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and others. WIKILEAKS has been and still is a friend of the American people. They are now volunteering to help businesses devise methods of protecting their data from the CIA and from being hacked period. I think that qualifies a pardon by President Trump for Julian Assange. That is what I am praying for.

What Assange has done serves Americans and people the world over. He exposed the criminals within our government, that should not be a crime. It’s contradictory to oppose the CIA wiretapping of the President and at the same time condemn the person who alerted us to countless instances of that identical thing happening to all of us. Bottom line is there is a difference between a criminal and a whistleblower. Assange is a whistleblower.

Trump is operating in a pit of vipers. He has to decide how long he can play along with the corruption while carrying out his agenda.

Note: The crooks will try to protect the child trafficking systems because, if Trump goes after them, as he said he would, this will reveal ties to intelligence networks and people in power. Either Trump will go or the corrupt system will go. Things will be ugly no matter what happens. It's better for Trump to pull the trigger for the sake of humanity, even though he's risking a great deal (his life and family). He needs to begin by appearing on national television at the same time as arrests are being made - and he must keep the ball rolling. The crooks cannot be given any breathing space. They must be ratted out.


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