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Syrian War Report – March 1/2, 2017: Tensions In Northern Syria

The Syrian army and the National Defense Forces (NDF), backed up by the Russian Aerospace Forces, have been successfully advancing on the ISIS-held city of Palmyra in the province of Homs. The army and the NDF have reached the Palmyra Triangle and partly outflanked Palmyra from the southern and northern directions. If government troops are able to secure the Palmyra Triangle, they will de-facto control the western entrance to the city.
Earlier this week, the Syrian army reached the areas controlled by the YPG in the province and opened a roude between the government-held city of Aleppo and the YPG-controlled town of Manbij. Now, the YPG-held areas in northwestern and northeastern Syria are de-facto linked up with the corridor through the government-held part of the Aleppo province. This will also allow increasing economic ties between the YPG and the Syrian government.

The most important development here is that the Turks are now blocked by the YPG and the Syrian Army in Northern Syria with their FSA terrorist lackeys. Any further developments will likely see fighting between the Turks and the YPG and possibly directly against the Syria Army, which will put them at odds with Russia.

BIG TURNAROUND in northern Syria: Kurds surrendered territory to Assad
Kurdish forces have ceded a large part of the territory west of Manbidj Syrian Army control, to create a "buffer zone" between the city and the Turkish forces participating in the operation "Shield Euphrates."
After the sudden fall of Al Baba forces "Shield Euphrates" toward the drive toward Kurdish stronghold Manbidj that the Kurdish forces, "Syrian Democratic Front", with the support of the US and major losses, four months freed from Islamic countries.
The first objective of the offensive by Turkish forces launched towards the Kurdish territories capturing the strategically important road junction west of Manbidj.
The chilling ferocity with which the Turks, this time without the involvement of the Syrian "rebels" in the operation, hit on Kurdish positions, forced the military leaders Manbidj to resort plans for cooperation with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), which are streamed in a statement.

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