Saturday, 11 March 2017

Israel Dumps Wikileaks Some Chicken Feed Again

The above video was posted by Ryan Dawson. I had not heard of Brendon O'Connell before this time. Many of O'Connell's points about the global Zionist mafia gel with reality - his claims are well documented. While I do not necessarily agree with everything he says or posts it's worth checking out his case (he was arrested for offending people - Hate Speech - using similar material/criticisms to what is found throughout the Internet). The big issue is the mafia nature of global affairs and the Israeli role in this. How far the rabbit hole goes is up for debate, as opposed to the role played by non-Zionist agents. His claims against Trump are debateable (since the witness he used is allegedly unreliable). The following videos are posted to get a sense of this man's situation, and the danger he warns about:


Brendon O'Connell Pulls Apart The Last Eight Years - Intro

The Case In Full - "Why You Must Support My Case To The High Court"

Zionist Infiltration Of Australia And America - Bi Bi's Trip Down Under

THE CASE IN FULL - PART 4 - Raided, Harassed, Maliciously Prosecuted By Zionist Controlled Police

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