Friday, 3 February 2017

Obama 2011 Six Month Iraqi Ban Fact Check

Comparisons between a 2011 Obama administration slowdown on processing Iraqi visas and President Trump's stay on immigration from seven countries are inaccurate.

Claim: President Obama banned immigration from Iraq for six months in 2011, but the media buried the story.

WHAT'S TRUE: In 2011 the State Department's issuance of SIVs to Iraqi applicants slowed after two individuals in Kentucky were identified as having possibly been improperly screened; multiple national news outlets reported on the State Department visa processing slowdown while it was occurring and in subsequent years.

WHAT'S FALSE: Neither President Obama nor the State Department banned or stopped those applications entirely; the slowdown affected a single type of visa from a single country (and not all entry from several countries); the slowdown occurred in order to implement enhanced screening procedures, which remained in place in January 2017.


'Post-truth Age': Anger at Trump's 'Muslim Ban', But Not for Obama's Similar Moves

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