Friday, 17 February 2017

Gen. Flynn Ousted From Trump Cabinet, As Hillary Crony Cites “Revenge for Pizzagate”

The reaction from one of Hillary Clinton’s closest advisors, and a retweet from the would-be queen herself, suggests that there may have been some Machiavellian intrigue at work.

That depends upon how you interpret the comments of Philippe Reines, a man who previously served as Senior Advisor to Secretary of State Clinton, and who since 2013 (when Hillary resigned) has been working at the shadowy security consulting firm Beacon Global Strategies LLC, founded by a cadre of ex-CIA and ex-defense figures surrounding Hillary, including former CIA/Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, also part of the firm, and who was Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff during his second term.

Philippe Reines @PhilippeReines
Dear Mike Flynn & Mike Flynn Jr.,

What goes around COMETS around.

And given your pizza obsession... 


Hillary Clinton then retweeted and personally responded to Gen. Flynn’s ousting on her own Twitter account:

Philippe's got his own way of saying things, but he has a point about the real consequences of fake news... 

This is significant because Michael Flynn was the only one Trump’s appointees to publicly discuss or share information about the so-called “Pizzagate” scandal that alleged connections between John Podesta and other Clintonites, a place called Comet Ping Pong and alleged child trafficking and/or pedophile activities.

By hinting that there are “real consequences of fake news,” Hillary pretty much admitted that her team have still been seeking revenge against enemies perceived and real after her electoral defeat in November. Clearly, Hillary, Reines and however many other surrogates from her campaign are not willing to let it go.

Both Michael Flynn Sr. and his son, Michael G. Flynn discussed rumors and accusations surrounding the Clinton camp – whether or not these claims have a solid basis is a separate matter.

Trump is surrounded by vipers and needs help. Wikileaks and others within the intelligence community should dump the more damning information they still have on Trump's opponents - emails plus audio and video surveillance material (which must exist).

This is a take-no-prisoners situation. The ways things are going the Deep State may look to either impeach or assassinate Trump before his reform plans can take hold.


The Dangerous Precedence of the Hunt Against Flynn … And Trump. Show of Raw Power by the “Intelligence Community” is a Great Danger

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