Thursday, 23 February 2017

CIA Analyst Whines About Trump Not Trusting His Subversive Former Agency

One correction about the CIA and Iraq's WMDs. The intelligence reports were fairly accurate - that they were unsure as to the status of Saddam's weapons, that they had a number of unverified reports, but that regardless he was not an imminent threat to the USA. The political managers, the neocons, skewed the intelligence reports in order to justify the war.

Otherwise Styx's views on the CIA are correct, about drug running, starting wars, coups etc.

Also, the FBI is a corrupted institution too (not all of it, but in key senior positions). They act to generate false flag terror hoaxes (the Portland Christmas Tree bomber), cover-up crimes (911 Anthrax, TWA 800), and engage in assassinations (Boston bombing, Ibragim Todashev) etc. A search will reveal a laundry list of FBI corruption.

All major institutions within the US have been corrupted.

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