Sunday, 19 February 2017

Assad Regards Trump's Immigration Order as Effort to Reduce Terrorist Threat

US President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration is a positive measure as it targets terrorists, not Syrian civilians, Syrian President Bashar Assad said.
PARIS (Sputnik) — Assad emphasized that he intended to call on the United States and Western countries to stop supporting terrorism and to lift the embargo imposed on Damascus.

"It [Trump’s order] is aimed at terrorists that will infiltrate the West. And it has already happened. It happened in Europe, mostly in Germany … Trump’s goal is to prevent such people from entering," Assad told French radio station Europe1 in an interview published on Thursday.

Syrians are fleeing the country due to terrorism and Western sanctions, Assad explained.

"I am not happy to see them [Syrians] immigrate to other countries. And what will make me happy is that they will be able to return to Syria because they want to go back," he stressed.

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