Thursday, 19 January 2017

WikiLeaks: Email Claims Clinton Murdered Vince Foster

Hillary Clinton is responsible for the death of Vince Foster – at least according to an astonishing WikiLeaks email.

The email chain is part of the WikiLeaks’ Global Intelligence Files, over five millions emails from Stratfor, the Texas headquartered “global intelligence” company.

In the email Matthew Powers tells Sean Noonan, “I thought Vince Foster was the only person the Clinton’s killed. How naive I was.”
In 1993, during the Clinton administration, Vince Foster, a personal friend of Hillary Clinton and Deputy White House Council, was found dead in his car.

Though two investigators – Robert Fiske and Kenneth Starr – separately concluded that Foster shot himself and died, his suicide has long been considered suspicious.

New evidence

Recently discovered evidence suggests Vince Foster did not commit suicide, but died of two gunshot wounds to the neck – not the one wound initially reported.

Discovered in the files of the National Archives and Records Administration, Starr’s lead prosecutor Miguel Rodriguez submitted a 2-page resignation letter and a 31 page memo about the injuries Foster sustained. Rodriguez notes in the letter details about injuries around Foster’s neck which were not reported in official government documents.

At the time, the FBI claimed that Foster’s neck injury photos were underexposed, and therefore useless to them.

Rodriguez claims that after he produced additinal damning evidence of a possible Foster murder coverup, he became a target and was investigated internally!

In the letter, he explained twelve ways in which the case has mishandled and compromised. Then, he noted:

“I steadfastly maintained, and continue to maintain, that I, at all times, conducted myself as an experienced and trained prosecutor, with years of federal prosecutorial experience and federal grand jury experience.”

These records indicate Foster didn’t really die from one .38 caliber gunshot… but two gunshots! The other shot was on the right side of his neck, made by a “small caliber” bullet hole.

This raises serious questions about Foster’s motives for suicide. He was tied to Hillary Clinton’s roles in White House scandals at Whitewater and the White House Travel Office.

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