Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Suicide Of Germany

  • Of the 1.2 million migrants who arrived in Germany in 2014 and 2015, only 34,000 found work.
  • Angela Merkel went to lay white roses at the scene of the Christmas market attack in Berlin. Thousands of Germans did the same. Many brought candles and cried. But anger and the will to combat the threat remained largely absent.
  • Nothing better describes the present state of Germany than the sad fate of Maria Landenburger, a 19-year-old girl, murdered at the beginning of December. A member of a refugee relief organization, Landenburger was among those who welcomed migrants in 2015. She was raped and murdered by one of the people she was helping. Her family asked anyone who wanted to pay tribute to their daughter to give money to refugee associations, so that more refugees could come to Germany.
  • The law that condemns incitement to hatred, presumably intended to prevent a return to Nazi ideas, is held like a sword over whoever speaks too harshly of the growing Islamization of the country.
  • The great majority of the Germans do not want to see that Germany is at war, because a merciless enemy has declared war on them. They do not want to see that war has been declared on Western civilization. They accept defeat and docilely do what jihadists want them to do: they submit.
  • If Angela Merkel does not see the difference between Jews exterminated by the Nazis, and Muslims threatening to exterminate Christians, Jews and other Muslims, she is even more clueless than it seems.

  • The attack in Berlin on December 19, 2016 was predictable. German Chancellor Angela Merkel created the conditions that made it possible. She bears an overwhelming responsibility. Geert Wilders, a member of Parliament in the Netherlands and one of Europe's only clear-sighted political leaders, accused her of having blood on her hands. He is right.

    When she decided to open the doors of Germany to hundreds of thousands of Muslims from the Middle East and more distant countries, she must have known that jihadists were hidden among the people flooding in. She also must have known that the German police had no way of controlling the mass that entered and would be quickly overwhelmed by the number of people it would have to control. She did it anyway.

    When hundreds of rapes and sexual assaults took place in Cologne and other cities in Germany on last year's New Year's Eve, she said that the perpetrators should be punished "regardless of their origin", but she did not change her policy. When attacks took place in Hanover, Essen, Wurzburg, and Munich, she delayed comments, then pronounced sanitized sentences on the "need" to fight crime and terror. But she still did not change policy.

    She only changed her position recently, it seems because she wants to be a candidate again in 2017, and saw her popularity declining.

    The comments she made immediately after the December 19 attacks were mind-numbing. She said that "if the perpetrator is a refugee", it will be "very difficult to bear" and it will be "particularly repugnant for all Germans who help refugees on a daily basis."

    Such remarks could be considered simply naïve if someone were not informed, but Angela Merkel does not have that excuse. She could not ignore warnings from German and U.S. intelligence services saying that Islamic State terrorists hiding among refugees were planning to use trucks in Christmas-related attacks. The situation endured by Germans has been extremely difficult to bear for more than a year. Crime had "skyrocketed"; diseases extinct for decades have been brought in with no vaccines -- long since discontinued -- to treat them; second homes are seized by the government without compensation to shelter migrants, and so on. It did not take long to discover that the main suspect in the Berlin attack was an asylum seeker living in a refugee shelter.

    In another country, Merkel might have been shamed into resigning; in Germany, she is running for re-election.

    The open door policy of the German Government attracts many people who are NOT refugees. The majority of the people entering Germany are economic migrants with low skills. They are not going to easily find work and are likely to cause trouble. A lot of these people are non-desirables and would fail to pass through any legal immigration process.

    If the German people are concerned about third world poverty they should look to fix the corrupt Governments that run these nations and fix the trade policies that economically exploit the resources of these countries:

    Neocolonialism in Africa

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