Monday, 16 January 2017

Rivero "I Understand Concerns About Trump & Zionism, But Let's Give Him 100 Days."

Richie, the host, must remember that at the start of the presidential campaign Trump came out and said that the Israelis would get no special favours. It's likely, because of the backlash from such a statement, Trump deliberately warmed to Israeli interests in order to have a chance in the election.

I also believe that Trump is a lot more informed on issues than people think. He's appeared on the Alex Jones show, a program that acknowledged 911 was an inside job. I think his interest in the alternative media is a lot more extensive than he lets on - after all he is friendly with Roger Stone.

And consider the title of Trump's book, The Art of the Deal, that gives nods to The Art of War. Deception is a critical part when it comes to advancing one's goals. He has a lot of enemies to deal with so, like Putin, he will have to tread carefully in achieving longer term goals. Sowing a level of confusion or misdirection will be his ally.

One more thing. There are some individuals who are genuinely thoughtful and intelligent but do not appear as such in public. Their outward disposition might include using rough turns of phrase. I know a few people like this. They are not especially eloquent and yet are highly intelligent and are underestimated or misjudged by others.

I believe that Trump is no fool. People keep buying into the media concocted image of the man, which is not necessarily the reality.

Note: This interview was conducted before Trump's press conference and before the smears about him being compromised by prostitutes.


Paul Craig Roberts "If Donald Trump Is Real, The CIA/Secret Service Will Surely Assassinate Him!"

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