Tuesday, 31 January 2017

ADL Attacks President Trump for Remembering ALL Victims of the Holocaust

Anti-Defamation League Chief Jonathan Greenblatt attacked Donald Trump's statement Friday on Holocaust Memorial Day because he honored all "innocent people" who suffered and died.

Greenblatt wrote on twitter: "@WhiteHouse statement on #HolocaustMemorialDay, misses that it was six million Jews who perished, not just 'innocent people.' Puzzling and troubling @WhiteHouse #HolocaustMemorialDay [statement] has no mention of Jews. GOP and Dem. presidents have done so in the past."

The ADL under Greenblatt relentlessly attacked Trump during the presidential race, including by saying his use of the term "America first" is antisemitic. 

I recommend reading the comments section to this article at the link. It points out the wrongful nature of the ADL's criticism.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, January 31st, 2017.]

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