Friday, 9 December 2016

Trump Fills the Swamp With Steven Mnuchin (Warning to Trump Supporters)

Trump has named Steven Mnuchin as his Treasury Secretary. So who is Mnuchin, and what does his background tell us about his ideology and what kind of administration Trump is assembling? Today we talk to Michael Krieger of about Mnuchin's career, his Goldman Sachs and Soros ties, and his shady business practices, as well as the other people being appointed to helm the Trump White House.

The people Trump is appointing will look to retain the existing banking system without causing too much damage to these bloodsuckers' positions. The biggest issue is that of diminishing the US Government debt and returning manufacturing and other jobs to the country.

The information here is NOT a good indicator for ordinary people. Trump needs to stop these sorts of people from preying upon ordinary people and siphoning wealth to the top of the pyramid. During the financial crisis, while people lost their homes and jobs, the elite because wealthier.

The only 'saving grace' is that this corrupt business model is not good for Trump's hotel and real estate businesses so we might see some agreement about reversing some of what has happened.

If the elite keep playing their existing game then eventually the people (filled with knowledge gained from the Internet) will come after them in a revolutionary action.

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