Friday, 16 December 2016

The Reality of Child Trafficking Rings - Sargon

International child sex trafficking rings are real and they reach to the highest levels of government, business and entertainment.

Intelligent and well researched vloggers are coming to realise the truth about the paedophile rings.

In this video Sargon cautions about the 'lack of proof' when it comes to Pizzagate. In making such an argument he has overlooked an extremely disturbing mountain of circumstantial evidence that shows behaviour and code words that ARE associated with paedophiles. So while Sargon says there is no direct evidence naming specific victims of Pizzagate his own example of proof at the end of the clip cannot be construed as proof if we follow this standard of evidence. The split personality artist has not directly named anyone either, but her work shows strong indications she was a victim of molestation.

The extreme value of this clip is that it outlines extensive publicly acknowledged evidence (using admissions appearing in the mainstream media) that shows paedophile rings ARE widespread and involve many people in positions of power.

These pedo scumbags are blackmail-able pawns that keep the corrupt system afloat and pander to special interests to promote corporate cronyism and war. These crooks MUST be ratted out.

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