Friday, 2 December 2016

Syrian War Report – November 30, 2016: Govt Forces Are Close to Full Liberation of Aleppo City

The Syrian military’s main goal is to develop momentum in eastern Aleppo in order to push militants to surrender and to set a full-control over Aleppo city. Government forces deployed contingent in southern Aleppo to strengthen the pressure on militants in the southern part of eastern Aleppo pocket, tacking advantage on their lack of manpower and military supplies. While Jaish al-Fatah militant coalition will try repel government attacks in southern and northern directions, the Syrian military will likely launch a splitting attack in the direction of Aleppo Citadel, putting the end to the battle for Aleppo city.

Over 800 members of militant groups have laid down arms and surrendered to the Syrian government over last 48 hours.

ISIS announced on Tuesday that the terrorist group had captured 2 Turkish soldiers in the area west of al-Bab in the province of Aleppo. Later the Turkish Army confirmed that it had lost contact with 2 of its soldiers in northern Syria. The fate of military personnel is unknown.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan said on Tuesday that the Turkish Army and the so-called “FSA” entered Syria to put an end to the rule of “the tyrant al-Assad”. Erdogan’s statement highlighted Ankara’s pretension and most likely marked the end of tactical rapprochement between Turkey and Syrian-Russian-Iranian alliance over the Syrian conflict that had taken place after Moscow imposed a sanction regime on the Erdogan regime last year. Now, Turkey will most likely make an attempt to defeat YPG and Syrian government forces deployed near al-Bab to open the way to capturing of this logistical hub.

Continued Turkish involvement, overt or otherwise, is illegal. Hopefully the incoming Trump Administration will put an end to this if it continues into 2017.

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