Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Syria Officially Reveals Data About Foreign Intelligence Officers In Aleppo

On December 19, Syrian ambassador to the UN, Bashar Jaafari, made a statement that 14 foreign intelligence officers were remaining inside the eastern part of Aleppo city and disclosed their alleged names and nationalities.
There are also reports that the real numbers are much higher than just 14 (Veterans Today Dec.17):

We have some confirmation on this from our own Syrian sources. The numbers are much higher than just the 14 names released by the Syrian MP via Facebook. That report of 14 officers might be a different group, as it had specific names. My report has only the numbers and nationalities…and the news that they were not really “captured” but were allowed out as part of a deal between all parties involved. You see the Moroccans are missing in these numbers.
No. of American officers is 22
British 16
French 21
Israeli 7
Turkish 62
The list of 14 names leaked by a Syrian MP are not the real names of those officers, they are cover names; it is standard practice to use a fake ID when serving in a secret op. This is a leak that MSM is ignoring, as they have about all stories of captured foreign officers in Syria. But then Syria has been quiet, also.

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