Wednesday, 7 December 2016

SR 1380 – NGOs Smuggling Migrants Into Italy on an Industrial Scale

Good morning, I’m still reporting on NGOs Smuggling Migrants Into Italy on an Industrial Scale
Italy’s financial problems are being quickly exacerbated by a wave of refugee trafficking from North Africa across 260 miles of the Mediterranean Sea to Sicily or southern Italy.
According to an Amsterdam think tank that monitors European geopolitical and financial instabilities, known as GEFIRA, Italy is being flooded by a migrant invasion from North Africa averaging about 20,000 per month.
The invasion force is actually being helped by the Italian Coast Guard that runs cover for the invasion navy of 15 human trafficking ships.
This private flotilla is owned by various NGOs that do nothing but travel from Italy to just off the Libyan coast, “rescue” their human cargo floating about 6 miles off the Libyan coast, then return to a constantly-changing variety of ports in Sicily or southern Italy.
The trafficking scheme is apparently run by the NGOs but in concert with smugglers, the Mafia, and elements of the Italian government possibly on the take.

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