Thursday, 22 December 2016

Reality Check: 3 Facts the National Media Isn't Telling You About The Battle For #Aleppo

A footnote. There is a portion of those in Aleppo that support the sectarian rebels that took control of the city. The majority of people do not support them. This is apparent from the Syrian Presidential election and with interviews of refugees and accounts from independent journalists.

There is a lot of mainstream and pseudo-alternative media promoting the idea that the Syrian Government is simply killing Sunnis. This idea is false.

It is important to correct the record and inform people about what is really happening. For instance, I recently ran across a short propaganda clip that was titled: "Maybe If we Speak English the World Will Listen"(2mins), and issued the following explanation:

Thoughts on this Syrian War clip:

Yeah, but Governments in France, the UK and USA are doing plenty to promote the war (as opposed to her claim that ordinary people in these countries were doing nothing to stop a "holocaust")... the Western Governments are supporting armed opposition groups that are sectarian and are linked to Al Qaeda and/or ISIS.

Yes, people get killed in wars, including children, but to stop wars it helps to know what caused them and why they continue. The opposition are Sunni-salafists that do not agree with Syria's multi-faith society. They are fighting to overthrow the secular Government whose army consists mostly of moderate Sunnis. The West, with the Gulf States, is sponsoring the war including the influx of foreign fighters from over a hundred different countries. If Assad's Government falls then the replacement will consist of these extremists.

While I agree that protesting the wars is important, toppling Assad, whose army is fighting these radicals, is the wrong strategy. And it should be noted that the 'rebels' do not simply sit by and do nothing while 'Assad massacres innocent civilians'. They actively fight and seek to take over the country which means they kill people on a daily basis. This has happened from the very beginning of the conflict when police officers were killed during the reform protest clashes. And these 'rebels' have a history of executing civilians and soldiers alike. Even wikipedia accurately summarises these groups as religious extremists.

Supporting the recent 'humanitarian' wars often makes things worse - such as in Libya. Much of the claims about massacres and holocausts are beat ups - propaganda that invites western intervention that effectively destroys secular (albeit dictatorship) states such as with Iraq or Libya. Without foreign interventions there would be no ISIS, no wars, and no mass migrant/refugee problem.

The most important thing is to understand what is actually going on beyond simply the fact that civilians are suffering. If people do not understand what is happening then they might only end up addressing the symptoms of the conflict (helping refugees) or actually end up helping the real perpetrators of the wars achieve their objectives (regime change bombs/massacres for 'peace').


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