Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Mass Graves Discovered in Liberated Areas of Aleppo, Once Held by US Backed “Moderate Rebels”

Russian Defense Ministry has unearthed mass graves with dozens of bodies of civilians subjected to brutal torture in Aleppo neighborhoods that were under the control of Al Qaeda-ISIS militants, or the guys that the Obama White House prefers to brand as “moderate rebels.”

According to a statement by Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov…
“The completion of a uniquely large-scale humanitarian operation by the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Aleppo will destroy many of the myths that have been fed to the world by Western politicians.”
“The results of only an initial survey of Aleppo neighborhoods abandoned by the so-called ‘opposition’ will shock many.
Many of the corpses were found with missing body parts, and most had gunshot wounds to the head.

I suspect a lot of people have trouble seeing the harsh reality beyond the MSM projected propaganda.

The war is between sectarian gangs, consisting of many foreigners, supported by the west, against the recognised secular Syrian Government (albeit regime-like). It is a proxy war and people, including children, get killed. Civilian deaths are collateral to what is actually happening.


Mass graves of tortured civilians found in Aleppo

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