Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Numbers Show Trump Win NOT Due to Racism and Sexism

Clinton supporters frequently assume that Trump supporters are all racists and sexists.

But a higher percentage of Hispanics voted for Trump than voted for Mitt Romney or Bob Dole in previous elections. As USA Today notes:
But that margin [of Clinton’s share of the Hispanic vote], based on exit polling conducted by Edison Research, was smaller than the 71%-27% split that President Obama won in 2012. And it was smaller than the 72%-21% her husband, former president Bill Clinton, won in 1996.
The same is true with African-Americans. The Washington Post reports:
Trump actually performed slightly worse among white voters than Mitt Romney did. He did, however, perform better than Romney among blacks, Latinos and Asian Americans, making it more difficult to claim that racial resentment was the dominant factor explaining Trump’s support nationally.
Trump made important gains among black voters as well as whites.
Trump performed better with black voters than McCain did in 2008, and on par with Bush’s performance in 2000.
Trump performed as well as McCain did with Latino voters in 2008 …
And quite a few individual voters and counties that voted for Obama – once, or even twice – voted for Trump.

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