Saturday, 26 November 2016

SR 1360 – Is Donald Trump Giving Hillary Clinton a Pass?

Trump has wisely realized that the head-bashing style needed to win this campaign, doesn’t work when you are actually trying to govern. He has one period of time to reset all relationships – to ask for and receive grace. One time when all the exaggerated rhetoric of a political campaign can be pretty much be forgiven – and NOW is that time – and Trump is charging through that window of opportunity.
Now I’m not trying to make excuses here for Trump. I will sound the alarm loud and long if the Clintons escape without consequences. How many times have I talked about the importance of the rule of law? How many years have I spent chasing the crimes of the Clintons?
However, prosecuting the Clintons is not Trump’s call. If it was, he would be assuming the role of dictator – judge, jury and executioner – and that is the spin the MSM would have taken had Trump answered in any other way. Now, it’s time for the wheels of justice to take over.

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