Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Pre-Election POLL BIAS – Details

Bloomberg Clinton 44 Trump 41
Sample: 799
Republicans 37%
Democrats 42%
Independents 9%

IBD/TIPP Clinton 41 Trump 43
Sample: 1,026
Republicans 36%
Democrats 33%
Independents 31%

CBS News Clinton 45 Trump 41
Sample: 1,753, only 1,426 registered. ????
Republicans 29%
Democrats 34%
Independents 38%

Fox News Clinton 48 Trump 44
Sample: 1410
Republicans 41%
Democrats 42%
Independents 16%

ABC/Wash Post Clinton 47 Trump 43
Sample: 1937
Republicans 31%
Democrats 38%
Independents 27%

Rasmussen Reports Clinton 44 Trump 43
Sample: 1500
Party Affiliation Demographics only available with a subscription.
“As we have noted many times, there is a disagreement within the polling industry as to whether or not polling firms should “weight” or adjust their sample to reflect a specific mix of Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters”

Monmouth University Clinton 50 Trump 44
Sample: 802
Republicans 28%
Democrats 34%
Independents 38%


It's clear that the polling is rigged. Some of the polls showed that Hillary was far in front (see videos below). The wild differences between each of these polls shows that they don't confirm each other.
Don't believe anything the TV news says concerning the election.


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