Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Election Rant - Do NOT Vote for Hillary Clinton - Spookyweather Editorial

It's highly likely that Hillary is going to win the election via VOTE FRAUD despite the popular vote going to Trump. Nevertheless, everyone in the US should still vote because it can/might expose the cheating if any action is taken.

Reasoning: The media has been pushing a false narrative with biased polling that oversamples Democrats (nationally) vs Republican voters. And no (responding to one 'excuse' for the skewed result), you can't just say that the polls oversample minorities - simply to get a sense of how they will vote - and then say that these polls are therefore not indicators of real voting trends while at the same time saying Hillary is leading Trump.

Whatever the mainstream media is saying about turnouts and early voting trends should not be believed at face value. If the mainstream media said that the sky was blue you would want to double check that. And if you have not picked up on the clear media bias, of the softball treatment of Killary and the relentless and out of context attacks against Trump (who has not done himself many favours), then I respectfully suggest there are holes in your breadth of knowledge.

For those that don't know, the corporate media runs much of the election process. While there are State election officials (of varying levels of integrity) the machinery that counts the votes is overseen by big corporations. Furthermore it has been demonstrated that the voting machines themselves and the tabulation machines are easily (set up to be) hacked.

It is a fact that Killary only beat Bernie Sanders because the DNC (and their partners) rigged the voting. There are court cases protesting the outcome of that primary race. In that event it didn't matter how far ahead Bernie was in the later stages of the race, the machine rigging ensured a win for the neocon warmonger Killary (all the neocons support her).

If she wins we are set for continuous war and more US aggression against Russia.

Killary actually supports attacking the secular Government in Syria, she supported the war in Libya, and the recent coup in Honduras. She falsely blamed Russia for the conflict in Ukraine (that occurred after a US sponsored coup) and blamed them for the wikileaks revelations (with no proof). She compared Putin to Hitler.

She is completely for the 1%. She told them you have to have a public and private position. So while she talks about helping families and the average citizen it's undoubtedly true that the people will come a distant second when it comes to looking after her special interest sponsors.

While Trump is not the ideal candidate he is right when it comes to the US economy and foreign policy. He wants to return US jobs via tariff penalties on corporations that outsource and wants to team up with Russia to fight ISIS (for real) in Syria. On the other hand, when it comes to stopping terrorism, Killary took huge sums of money from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and approved them huge arms deals, at a time when she knew (according to US intelligence) that they were sponsoring extremists in Syria.

I believe that Cynthia McKinney, the former Congresswoman and Green Party candidate for President, was correct when she stated that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should anyone vote for Hillary Clinton. She is right. Vote for Jill Stein or stay at home, but don't vote for a proven warmonger and puppet of the special interests.

However, thanks to electronic vote rigging we are likely to see the WORST choice candidate in put in power regardless of the wishes of the voters. The votes of the average person are now irrelevant when it comes to US Presidential politics.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, November 9th, 2016.]

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