Saturday, 19 November 2016

CBS 60 Minutes Withheld Trump’s Appeal to ‘Stop Attacking Minorities,’ and Ignored Reports of Attacks on Trump Supporters

The election campaign might be over, but the mainstream media’s campaign against President Elect Donald Trump is in full swing. 

Between all of the fake polling, intentionally pro-Clinton partisan coverage, and mainstream media collusion with the Democratic National Party and the Clinton Campaign exposed through WikiLeaks’ Podesta email dump – nearly the entire US mainstream media is now in full damage-limitation mode desperately trying to preserve any crumb of credibility and perceived authority they might have left.

It’s now become clear that the media is guilty on multiple fronts, as more proof has emerged of how they are helping to stoke violence, while promoting unfounded fears – and all the while pushing fictional ‘hate crime’ hoaxes.

CBS News flagship investigative program 60 Minutes conducted a recorded interview with  Trump on Friday in which he made a direct plea on camera to any possible supporters to “Stop it,” in reference to anyone that may have written racist slogans or abusive language in public, or at schools. In light of the numerous pockets of protests and outbreaks of partisan violence which have racked America since the election results were announced last week, it would have been in the public interest to release this powerful appeal by Trump, but instead mainstream CBS buried it for 3 days until 60 Minutes was scheduled to air later on Sunday evening nationwide. If CBS had any credibility remaining, this certainly will have finished it off.

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